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Every parent's worst nightmare

  • Thank you

      8 October 2021
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    An update from Stacey: "Jimmy and I are humbled by everybody’s thoughtful messages and donations, it’s over whelming for us to handle on top of what our wee boys have been through and what struggles hunter faces each day here in hospital. Hunter has come leaps and bounds in a week from being sedated, incubated, feeding tube ,catheter and wrapped up like a mummy from knees to face. Today was his second anesthetised dressing change as it’s still way to painful, he’s hit amazing milestones with catheter out yesterday and now we just need him to eat solids and be rid of the feeding tube. Plastics doctors are very happy with his healing and so are we.

    Thank you Kia kaha."

    This is the most recent picture of Hunter after Stacey gave him a wash and combed his hair (for those who know Hunter this may have caused some trauma!). Jimmy and Stacey are obviously exhausted - long days/nights at the hospital and all the stress and uncertainty around the recovery. I know this money has will allow them to focus on Hunter's recovery and their own self care rather than stressing about the costs involved. They are obviously a much loved family and your contributions are heart warming in these crazy uncertain times of Covid. Many thanks Claire x

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