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Eye Care For Africa - Te Araroa

  • 2024 Tanzania Trip

      28 June 2024

    Our team has recently returned from Tanzania in what was a very successful trip. Eye care was provided to the remote areas of Shinyanga, Raranya and Eluwai. Niall was joined by recent optometry graduate Lillian Lei from Whanganui and Hawkes Bay GP, Dr Peter Culham. Plans are already underway for a trip in late 2024. This will be a teaching project helping to train selected local people to learn the basic skills of refraction. This will help with the sustainability of eye care in these regions.

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    • 30/06/2024 by Melissa

      Brilliant news. So happy to hear your new clinic is up and running.

      Love where your project is heading to empower the local community. Well done

  • New Clinic Built and Upcoming Trip

      2 May 2024

    Great news! - following the money raised on the successful Te Araroa walk, our eye clinic in remote Tanzania is now built. However, we now need to equip it with the technology required to provide eye care to the many needy folk in the Shinyanga area.

    We also have our first post-COVID trip leaving New Zealand on May 11th. A team of 12 is heading to Tanzania to work around the Shinyanga area. The team comprised of 2 optometrists, Lillian Lei and Niall McCormack, and a local Hawkes Bay GP, Dr Peter Culham. If you're keen to support, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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  • Latest news....

      10 October 2023

    Great news! Thanks to the funds raised so far, plans are well and truly advanced for the building of our small clinic in Shinyanga in remote Tanzania. Watch this space!

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  • Te Araroa

      9 March 2023
    Main image

    Niall completed Te Araroa (a 3026km walk the length of New Zealand) on March 7th. An amazing experience that took just over 4 months.

    The main purpose of the walk was to raise awareness and funds for Eye Care For Africa. Donations can be made by following the link below.

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    • 10/03/2023 by Emily Clark

      Haha the absolute commitment to that photo! Love it! Congrats Niall!

    • 30/06/2024 by Melissa

      The victorious smile says it all. Congratulations Niall. What a wonderful human you are