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Fairy Steps 4 Ella

  • Ella's post-op and RUNNING!     31 August 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    The only way I can really summarise the last few months is that I have never had the culmination of such love, fear, excitement, wonder, fatigue and gratefulness to this extent – all in one moment! All in back to back moments!

    The St Louis trip was an incredible time. I often had to pinch myself that it was real. Taking photos in front of the hospital, with Dr TS Park and Dr Matthew Dobbs. Riding shuttles to and from the hotel and dismembering equipment and backpacks to fit it all in. Sometimes it was just me and Ella. Sometimes it was our whole family. Sometimes we were packed in with families from Denmark, Israel, Titirangi and Waikato – all there for new legs.

    The surgery has been an enormous success. For the first time in Ella’s life she followed a one-page medical info sheet of what to expect post-op. The St Louis team decided it was best for Ella to head into PICU to be sedated for proper rest as she recovered. And on Day 3 it was time to sit up for the first time – and she loved it! The next day Ella stood up on her new legs.

    Leaving St Louis was both an exciting and sad time. Exciting to come home, sad to leave knowing how challenging it would be to ever return to see these great new friends made. Dr Park has suggested that Ella will be independently standing within 4-6 months and walking independently in time. Her awesome physio team thought it was realistic to see Ella start school using her walking frame, and as she strengthens and learns to coordinate herself, walking canes.

    So what’s this fairy doing since her big life-changing op?!? Well. Experiencing what life-changing means!

    - For the first time in Ella’s life, she sleeps through the night. No more cramps or muscle spasms!

    - Ella can stand flat-footed in bare-feet without anyone pushing her heels down, or needing stretches, hot wheat bags, massage, bath soaks, botox or leg casts.

    - For the first time EVER Ella is comfortable enough to wear her splints ALL day. This helps Ella’s muscles stretch, and also heal from surgery at the right length. It also gives her a great foundation to balance and call out “Look at me Mama!”

    - Ella can scale the rock-climbing wall at the local park with a bit of help for safety. When she gets to the top she shouts “Again!”

    - Ella has learned to RUN on her walking frame! She can run down the corridors to Glow Kids and kindy and through open doors without falling! Across carparks and she is working on getting up the ramps without a push from behind!

    - Ella can crash into walls with glee in her walking frame. We are trying to teach Ella how to steer but when Ella does crash, she can now lift her frame up all by herself and redirect it to where she wants to go. I think this is a moment of independent standing, don’t you??

    - Ella is learning to walk on canes and with good energy levels, focus and someone close by, Ella can walk about 4-5metres on her own!

    - For the first time EVER Ella enjoyed the zoo. She liked the elephant but LOVED the fences and spent the entire day side-stepping from one fenced enclosure to the other. She snored all the way home.

    - Ella is eating more food as her tummy is more comfortable having all the tightness reduced, and her intestines working better – plus she is going to the toilet more often! Hooray!

    - Ella has put on 3 kilos since surgery and finally is sitting on the weight chart!! She is bigger than her one year old brother! Biggest weight gain in her life.

    - Ella can buddy walk around the house, walk upstairs together and push up with her legs, hold two adult’s hands and walk around a playground… and say “Look what I am going to do!” and jump as HIGH as she can! We are working on landing but Ella thinks it’s hilarious landing on her butt.

    - Last weekend Ella went on her besties trampoline. This usually involves her lying down giggling while everyone jumps around her. THIS time, holding Mama’s hands, Ella jumped AND landed on two feet! She jumped until she was so exhausted her knees wouldn’t hold her up anymore and the only way she would leave the trampoline was for birthday cake.

    I hope you realise our immense gratitude with your support. I also hope you know how phenomenal these surprises and achievements are for our little girl. Ella has so much potential ahead because of receiving this surgery.

    Recently Ella was on 7 Sharp with Tim Wilson and team, showing off her new legs. Be sure to watch the clip if you have time.

    It is true. We ended up raising a little over $250,000NZD to get Ella to and from St Louis safely. It was an extraordinary and fearful and hopeful feat. But we did it! We had costs from her seizure admission of about $8,000NZD that we were able to pay as Ella did not hold travel insurance – thank you for letting this happen.

    I have been soul-searching since our return as I had hoped to have approx. $30,000NZD left to spend on Ella’s rehabilitation over a two year period. After the trip expenses Ella is about $12,000 short of this figure to give her what she needs. I have decided to finish this year with a few more events and raffles to do the best I can to give her the best shot at rehab before school starts next May. And then see how Ella is going, and what best helps her gain what she needs for independence, fun and finding the potential of her new legs.

    After that figure is raised, I will be hanging up my fundraising hat for Ella, and looking at what good we can do to help others gain fairysteps.

    Hope to see some of you at Ella’s welcome home party in October and give a big thank you hug. Info will be on Facebook soon x

    PS Keep an eye on What Now! for Ella’s welcome home clip!

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  • What if I fall? But Oh! What if I walk!     15 May 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    I just wanted to send an absolutely enormous thank you to every single one of you who have supported Ella to get to St Louis (and back).

    SDR was performed on Ella's fifth birthday, May 3rd, and was a huge success. Ella's recovery went smoothly - pretty much by the book. The week that followed saw absolutely incredible gains and abilities we have never seen before.

    Hands down, best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Ella is having another procedure today, PERCS, to lengthen the muscles in her calves to increase the range of motion in her ankles. All to improve her ability to walk. PT begins again tomorrow and then we return to the hotel for another few weeks of rehab with the St Louis SDR team.

    We have managed to raise over $220,000 in all. We await our final costs for our return travel, hope like heck nothing extra crops up & then focus on Ella's rehab plan when we return home.

    Please just take one small moment to imagine I am giving you a huge thank you hug for supporting Ella. It truly has been a breathtaking experience watching her experience such delight and ease of movement in only one short week. I cannot wait to share with you all her bright, bright future.

    One of my favourite moments here was in a PT session last week. The physio asked me if she had ever been on a treadmill and I shook my head. I said to Ella,

    Hey Ella, you want to try out the treadmill?

    YEAH!!!! Ella squealed

    Do you know what a treadmill is?

    Very matter of fact, she whispers..


    Gotta love this kid!

    She kicked the treadmill butt by the way! Video is up on Facebook x

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  • #Idobelieveinfairies     17 April 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    I cannot believe the intensity of today’s love. Ella has received over 400 donations, many from the $1 Warriors. Ella also received word of one $10,000 and two $5,000 donations heading to her bank account. Blown away!

    After successfully breaking the Guinness World Record on Sunday, we also cracked our fundraising target of $150K! Our success was short-live with unexpected travel costs far in excess of what we imagined. After feeling pretty miserable all week, Robbie from ODW, the Trekkers & a group of fairy-godparents we know pepped us up - and we are not ready to give up.

    So we are trying to source as much as we can to pay the urgent costs to get Ella to St Louis for April 26th.

    So many of you have helped SO much already. Part of me finds it hard to ask for more (although Ella always asks for more marshmallows). So Ella’s fairy-godmothers came up with some tangible ways you could help:

    Fairy Cake Bake sales – have been an incredible source of funding. Have one at work, at school, kindy, sports clubs and put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Sausage sizzles – approach your nearest, supermarket or DIY store and set up the BBQ with sauce. And put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Fairy dress-up – approach your workplace, school or kindy and see if they would be happy to support a mufti day. If you believe they may too. And put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Fairy-sitting service – the school holidays are here and perhaps there’s another family who’d like a break. Organise a day at yours making fairy crafts, watching fairy movies. And put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Fairy ironing service, cleaning – who won’t want the help of a cleaning fairy. Offer your help. And put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Donate unwanted items to sell on trade me – we all have a cupboard full of things we have either, out grown, grown uninterested in or simply no longer use. Take a photo and send a description and we can sell it on Trade me.

    Join our chocolate fairies – sell at work, sports. And put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Donate your birthday – for one year, perhaps ask those who normally gift to you, to direct their gift to Ella. One year without a personal gift – would mean a lifetime change to Ella

    Fairy helpers at the supermarket – approach your local supermarket and see if they would be happy for you and a group of others to help pack bags for one day/evening. And put out a fairy jar for collection.

    Fairy wash – organise a fairy car-wash at the next sports game, or just around the neighbourhood.

    Donate your pocket money or your coffee money – perhaps for one week or even a whole month, donate what you would normally spend on a treat to Ella.

    Share Ella’s story, share her website, Facebook and Givealittle via your networks.

    If you need Ella’s logo, promo flyer or a fairy donation bucket PM the page and we will get it to you!


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  • Nearly, nearly there... and yet more hurdles     14 April 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    Well - we are officially at $140,000 raised!

    Thank you all so much! WOW!

    Ella's Charity Ball was a huge success, and it was wonderful to see all of Ella's friends so clean & shiny & sparkly. Liam Malone and Sam Muir-James inspired with their tales of beating the odds. Destiny showed her gentle and brave success of going through the surgery, and the outpouring of support was HUGE. And those suction prizes! Diamond rings! And fairies in the garden! And the absolutely incredible Mark Wright bringing it altogether What a night! Photos are up on Facebook and NZ Herald via Spy x

    And now we are moments off a Guinness World Record Re-Attempt - with more rain forecast! So we've added ponchos to the list to sell with our tutus..

    Over 950 fairies are registered to show up ! Watch this space! Brave the rain so Ella can brave another surgery! x

    We are also about 10 days off from departure, but have had some hurdles with travel that we are doing our best to keep our heads up for. I just want to let you all know we couldn't have got this far without you. As the fear and doubt set it, I still know the fire of hope burns bright.

    Send Ella positive messages and thoughts for all of these hurdles to be overcome x

    Here's Mama's Blog if you want to read more about the struggles :

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  • Baking, Balls and Beauty!     24 March 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    What a week! Ella's Mama's emotional levels are all over the place - but mostly we have big smiles on our faces! Not long to go!

    On Sunday 25th March from 11am the Fairy bakers are sharing their wares for the LAST TIME! We've been invited to attend the mammoth garage sale at First Scene in Avondale. First Scene are also putting together a Fairy Dell for the Guinness World Record in April, and have been a truly amazing support!

    Ella's Fairy-tale Ball is nearly here! Olympians Liam Malone and Sam Muir-James, Professor Peter O'Connor will all speak, and Mark Wright confirmed as our Master of Ceremonies! We have live entertainment from Ricky Winikerei, a welcome musical duet from the navy band & a special performance from an opera singer before Ella heads home. Ed Sheeran's guitar, Adele's microphone, All Blacks jersey, Joseph Parker's boxing glove, holidays to Queenstown, Sydney and Bali, raffles, hampers, door prizes and a ring to win! If you haven't booked, get them today. Ticket sales close next week for catering deadline.

    And here is a gorgeous pic of Ella bo getting her hair n makeup done. Rhonda Kay Organics Hair Studio is running a ball make-over session for all. Priced at only $120pp with 100% raised going towards Ella's cause. Rhonda Kay did a stunning job of wee Ella - especially when her nose was tickled by the brush!

    Other than that we are doing lots of deep breathing, learning to delegate, say no, say yes, and ask for help. The community around our little family is just awesome. Ella is still singing, crawling, laughing and being a little bit naughty - especially when her photo is being taken again! We have not got flights yet, but we have the only team in the world who can manage it working hard for Ella.

    I will thank you all one day with Ella's muddy footprints walking on your deck x

    love to you all

    x hope to see you at some of our final events x

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  • 7 weeks to go!     17 March 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    If we thought the last year was mad, no one could have prepared us for the madness of booking and paying for surgery - and the huge pressure of the final fundraisers taking place.

    As many of you know Ella has hydrocephalus and epilepsy - additional to her CP. Both of these conditions are extremely important to manage, but in America, they come at an extreme cost. To the point where we cannot find an insurance company to cover Ella.

    Thankfully we have been put in touch with some angels - and Air Ambulance Australasia are busy arranging our travel plans. We know there will be costs, we just don't know what they are yet. We will require a medical specialist to travel with Ella, and perhaps even stay in the US while we are there. So it's still all up and down and emotionally at the moment.

    This week Ella did an amazing thing!

    She managed to WALK on her frame through the courtyard at the Botanical Gardens. It was a bit wobbly and Mama was scared! She walked herself to exhaustion, and cried when we had to stop, even though she could hardly go on anymore. I hear Queen's "I want to break free" in the background, and know in my heart all this madness is for a very, very good reason. We were at the Gardens as a very special photographer is running a new fundraiser for Ella - and we can't wait to share some cool photos!

    Ella's Fairy-tale Ball is on April 7th at Kelliher Estate, from 6.30pm. Please book your tickets online by March 26th so we can arrange catering with Dawsons Catering.

    We have put SO much effort into this event, and we really hope you come along and enjoy an incredible evening for a beautiful cause. Live bands, duets, Kapa Haka, fairies, amaaazing prizes including Ed Sheeran's signed guitar, holiday packages, and the chance to win a pink morganite diamond ring at a specially sponsored "Pink Drink" bar! The likes of Liam Malone and Professor Peter O'Connor will share inspiring tales of how they changed the world. And don't even get us started about the food... and the venue! #OMG

    Come and be part of changing Ella's world x

    Check it out here:

    It really is a crazy time for us all. I myself am feeling the huge amount of pressure building, not only as we give it all a final push, but the reality of heading to a new country for a full-on medical procedure for my precious little girl. She keeps saying when she gets her new legs she's going to jump on the wall.

    I think I might just have a proper sleep!

    love kat n ella bo x

    PS $101,00 and counting ladies & gents x

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  • The Countdown is On!     11 March 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    It's been a rather huuuuge week.

    We paid the invoice St Louis Children's Hospital sent us! The people at ASB St Lukes were so awesome helping organise the transfer. They gave me tissues as the entire process was a little overwhelming. To be able to set off on a journey like this, and one year later being actually able to do it... I lose my breath.

    Thank you so much for being part of us making this happen for her x

    We have so much on. Many of Ella's specialists will see her before we go. We still need confirmation of our flights and insurances and we cross our fingers and toes and eyes for that to be a straight-forward, affordable and SAFE process for Ella. And we still have therapy, ECE, tantrums, ice-blocks, and more recently, poo-jokes.

    We have the magnificent ball at Kelliher Estate coming up!

    We have the amazing evening of mediumship coming up!

    And the re-attempt on What Now for the Guinness World Record of Most Fairies!

    We also have chocolates for sale!

    We're trying to raise $50,000 in 8 weeks now - so we really need your help. If you could spend a moment to share Ella's story with friends, family and anyone who would like to wear fairy-wings on live TV, or eat Whittakers for Easter, or razzle and dazzle and the Fairy-tale ball, or head out to Highland park for a night of spiritual mediumship - we'd be very grateful x

    This week we have a special photo-shoot coming up, and had an awesome write-up in the NZ Herald. Ella's 8 year old twin cousins came to visit and said "Aunty, why is Ella always in the newspaper?"

    I replied, "because we're asking everyone to help her get new legs"

    "Oh" they said. "Can we still carry her when she has new legs?"

    Bless x

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  • Happy Birthday to Ella!     27 February 2018
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    Holy moly guacamole.

    Last Friday Ella had an appointment with Dr Park who was on holiday here in NZ. He met all of his awesome patients and there is a GREAT clip below about the wonderful progress these courageous kids have made.

    For us though, we got the GREEN light, and Ella will be having SDR on May 3rd - Ella's 5th birthday!!!!

    We are now trying to frantically sort travel arrangements with the assistance of Air Ambulance Australasia and the Trekkers who have put us in touch with them.

    A few final fundraisers coming up to get Ella over the next hurdles... we've cracked the hundred thousand mark but these ones will help us all the same! Check out Ella's awesome website to see all of the updates and amazing events and how you can help her find her wings x

    April 7th is Ella's Fairy-tale Ball with special guest Liam Malone, live entertainment, auctions and magic at he prestigious Kelliher Estate.

    April 15th is the Guinness World Record Re-Attempt for Most Fairies in One Location with support from What Now! Location TBA.

    We will be selling Whittaker's chocolates again and we can provide boxes for anyone who can sell/munch for Ella. As well as a Caramilk round up! YUM.

    And the amazing THOMAS is flying like a fairy for Ella too! His Fundraising page is here :) xxxx Thomas will wear a tutu and leap out of a plane to raise money for Ella, just like her Dad did in this great pic. Thank you x

    We just want to say a huge thanks for everyone keeping in touch as we head on into the final long stretch! Still can't believe we got here!

    xxx love to you all xxx really, truly, heart-swollen-ly xxx

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  • CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!     13 December 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    My goal this year was to crack the $80k mark for Christmas.

    Well... we did that already!

    And we are so, so, so close to the $90k mark I wonder if we will roll into the hundred thousand by Christmas?

    Ella has a Star Wars Move Fundraiser on Sunday 17th December at Sylvia Park, 1.30pm - Only $15 tickets!

    Email or PM the Fairy Steps page and book your tickets today to help us get Ella over the line for Christmas!


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  • BIG news!     30 November 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    $80,000NZD has been raised to date!

    What a HUGE milestone! A huge thank you to each and every one of you who have supported us along this marathon effort. The fundraising journey is tough, and we've managed to put on an event every month since Ella's approval letter was received from St Louis earlier this year.

    And we are not done yet!

    This weekend is HUGE. We have the Mammoth Garage Sale on Saturday Dec 2nd from 1pm-4pm, 84-86 Maich Rd, Manurewa. We've had people from all over contribute good quality toys, clothing, bric a brac - and it follows the Manurewa Santa Parade! Baking, BBQs and Bargains :)

    We also have Rob and Brett testing out their wings this weekend, and leaping out of a plane for Ella bella! Check out the fundraisers on Facebook and Givealittle to see their brilliant contribution. Thank you heaps to you both and Jo from Skydive Auckland. If you'd like to wear your wings, email and we'll tell you how to sign up!

    And our final fundraiser for 2018 will be Star Wars: The Last Jedi! One of the biggest movies of the year, we've booked a cinema at Sylvia Park and can offer $15 tickets on Sunday December 17th. Check out the Facebook link for your chance to win a LUX Booth for 2 worth $60! Book early so you don't miss out and take a break from Christmas shopping.

    And as the sun keeps shining, Ella keeps smiling and the fog from her epilepsy meds is lifting, and a smart, clever, courageous and incredibly cheeky little girl is thriving x

    Keep on swimming x

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  • Ella's Mini Fair November 18th!     17 November 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    Ella attends mainstream kindy at No.28 in Epsom, and has flourished in her years with her amazing teachers and friends there. Flourish may also be an understated word... she has conquered play equipment, developed language and singing skills, made friends, learned to move up to the table and chairs independently and dominated the mobilo and lego while developing her fine motor skills. She dances at Fairy Clare's sessions and enjoys her campus walks, holding hands with her friends while she cruises in her wheelchair. We are so lucky to have the No.28 Whanau - and we love them so much!

    The moment they heard of Ella's acceptance for SDR they offered to run a Mini-Fair to help with the huge fundraising journey ahead... and it's on tomorrow!

    It is incredibly humbling seeing all the support pouring in from the community of children, parents, teachers, staff and whanau connected to No.28 at the Faculty of Education of Auckland University.

    We are all excited for a fabulous day and weather is set to be amazing! Entertainment, Fairy Clare, stalls, toys for sale, dunking machine, face-painting, coffee, bouncy castle, clowns and more!

    See you at 28 Kohia Terrace 11am-2pm Saturday 18th November.

    Parking available on the streets around the centre or through Gate 7.

    Thank you for all your support x

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  • England, Tauranga & Epsom help Ella     5 November 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    Ella has had some very special people go the extra mile and join her fundraising campaign.

    Becky is a dear friend from Tauranga, whose little boy was due at the same time as Ella. Becky started running not so long ago and over the weekend she conquered the Tauranga City to Surf 11km! We are so proud of you and impressed at your commitment to running. It's a huge effort - and Becky also raised an impressive amount on her GiveALittle page - thank you ALL so much!

    Matt is the son of a family friend and owns the Cross Keys Inn, Worcestor, England. Matt ran a raffle for his customers and donated a whopping $500 to Ella. Matt's family have been a big support all the way from the UK - sharing her story and celebrating her successes. Thank you!

    Lastly Ella's ECE centre is holding a Mini-Fair for Ella on November 18th. They've booked out the carpark at 28 Kohia Terrace outside the centre at the Auckland Uni campus and it will be an amazing day! Musicians, clowns, Fairy Clare, dunking machine, bouncy castle and stalls - with all proceeds going towards Ella's cause. The staff and children at Ella's kindy have a special place in our heart, and are our extended whanau - the celebrate all her milestones and support her with the challenges she faces with illness. She is thriving at the centre, and we cannot wait for a fun day out at the Mini Fair on November 18th!

    Ella also hit the NZ Herald in print last week and you can read her story here. Thank you all for your support!,,video.other

    PS we are coming up 7 weeks seizure free... and 8 weeks is Ella's record so we are feeling hopeful x

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  • Fairy-tales      3 October 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury

    Those who follow Ella on Facebook will see we've had a pretty rough winter with regular seizures, ED admissions and more recently a stay in Starship to fix Ella's shunt! We are hoping the increased meds will slow down the seizures and now the shunt is working well, Ella is smiling again.

    We also have exciting news to share! We have been working hard to put together a Charity Ball for Ella. The amazing team at Dawsons have come on board in full support of Ella bo and we are lucky enough to invite you to Kelliher Estate on November 11th!

    Watch and share this amazing clip Ella's Uncle Glen made for her and check out the ball details below!

    The grand event of our fundraising calendar is almost here! This is a once in a lifetime magical event that you won’t want to miss.

    Be inspired by heroes in the own right, heroes who have overcome adversity and personal challenges to show that HOPE and DREAMS can be fulfilled with strength, grit and determination.

    The exclusive night will be held at the prestigious Kelliher Estate where you will be inspired and entertained, while you wine and dine courtesy of Dawsons catering. As you walk and explore with your fork in hand in glamourous frocks and swanky suits, saunter through the mystical Kelliher gardens, depositing gold dust on the fairy artwork to create magic to bring them to life.

    The evening will be hosted by legendary Mike King, who will introduce you to some of our favourite superheroes including 2016 Paralympic multi medalist Liam Malone. You will also hear inspiring tales from inaugural Professor Peter O’Connor and Special Olympian Sam Muir-James.

    Throughout the night there will opportunities for everyone to walk away with some amazing and exquisite prizes via the live and silent auctions.

    Let’s celebrate 2017 together on this special night. Bring your friends, your loved ones or work colleagues for your Christmas social and know that you are helping make a little girls dreams come true.

    11th November, 2017


    The Kelliher Estate

    600 Island Rd, Mangere

    Dress: Cocktail

    Tickets valued at $270 for two.

    Complimentary bubbles on arrival. Stunning cuisine from Dawson’s catering throughout the evening. Cash bar.

    Taxi’s recommended. Limited free parking on site.

    Tickets are now available; please contact us for corporate opportunities.

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  • Mid winter Christmas Dinner      10 June 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    The shortest day is just around the corner and so is Ella's mid winter Christmas dinner.

    With all the traditional fare, tummys and hearts will be filled with warmth. Christmas a time for giving and been with love ones. Bring family and friends for an evening of dining and dancing.

    Please secure your tickets by Friday 16th June

    Either PM the fairysteps page or text 021 888 544.

    Tickets are $45 and include a 3 course traditional Christmas Dinner, live entertainment, raffles, spot prizes and merriness

    SATURDAY June 24th @6.30pm

    Onehunga Bowling Club, Selwyn Street

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  • Walking Successes, Events and... $36,000!     27 May 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    We are so excited to share with you that Ella has been granted funding from an incredible trust to attend Therasuit - right here in Auckland in JUNE!

    Therasuit is a three week intensive therapy, based in Adelaide with Chad Timmermans. This program will aim to offer a generous amount of strength training to prepare her body for surgery next year so she can have the best outcomes.

    It's a big deal - and a tough three weeks ahead for Ella. We have also managed to organise Botox Surgery so we can gain the most flexibility in Ella's legs during this session. We are hoping this will be the last botox surgery she will ever have because SDR will remove the tightness for good!

    Check her facebook page for videos and updates


    Sunday 28th May - 16km Coast to Coast Run

    Show your support by donating $16 for the distance Kat Yearbury and Emma Smith have been training for. Or meet us on the Auckland walkway to offer support and a drink!

    Saturday 24th June - Mid-Winter Xmas Dinner

    Onehunga Bowling Club - 3 course meal, entertainment, raffles, dancing and merriness. Tickets available via or 021 888 544

    July 8th - Fairy Bake SALE - at Auckland Mama's Markets in Ellerslie

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  • Thank you     23 May 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    Thank you EVERYONE!!!! Today we hit the $30,000 mark for fundraising!!!

    You glorious people for makin this happen ❤❤❤❤

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  • 16km Coast to Coast challenge      16 May 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury
    Main image

    Emma Smith and I are mad and running 16km for Ella! Here's Emma's post below...

    Hey everyone, In less than 2 weeks Kat and I will be running the auckland coast to coast trail to raise funds to get Ella her surgery and, hopefully, her first steps

    The trail is 16km. Many people have sponsored us $1 a km. if you can spare $16 (or any other amount, big or small), please jump onto Ellas givealittle page and donate or contact me for other methods.

    thank you all so much!

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  • Surgery response from St Louis!!     12 February 2017
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury

    It is such an exciting time!

    After applying for SDR and being declined in 2015 due to complications of Ella's hydrocephalus we sent through a second application a few weeks ago.

    The email from St Louis arrived and Ella is considered a suitable candidate! They have predicted more comfort post surgery, as well easier movement and improved posture. The icing on the cake was the prediction that Ella will be able to walk with crutches - and possibly independently if there are no other complications with her hydrocephalus.

    We are BEYOND excited!

    The task ahead is daunting, as we budget $150k will cover the surgery and associated costs.

    But we all know the impossible can happen, one fairy step at a time.


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  • OFFICIALLY fundraising LIVE!     11 August 2016
    Posted by: Katherine Yearbury

    Exciting day for us to start the fundraising journey for Ella!

    To clarify our goals we are looking at two opportunities for Ella to get her on her feet.

    The first is Therasuit - a 3-week intensive therapy program held in Adelaide.

    We are aiming to take Ella in 2017. Our goal for this is $10,000NZ. This should cover the therapy of $6500AUS, flights and insurances for Ella and one parent. We will be lucky enough to stay with family in Adelaide.

    Our second goal is Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), with Dr Park at St Louis Children's Hospital.

    We applied in 2015 and unfortunately Ella was declined as at that stage her hydrocephalus was too complex. We were heart-broken. Although disappointed, we have been told we can apply again this year, and things are looking up as we have had no issues with her shunt. We hope to get cleared from Ella's Neurosurgeon/Rock-star to take part in this and see them next week!

    You can follow Ella's journey here

    Thank you x

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