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Fairy Steps 4 Ella

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FairySteps4Ella Focusing on therapy for cerebral palsy for development and growth for Ella.

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***A GRAND TOTAL OF $210,000 RAISED SO FAR via Givealittle and ELLA'S EVENTS! Thank YOU!***

***You may have also heard the news that Ella's needs a further $90,000 for travel to cover costs associated with her medical background. We have an incredible team working on travel plans for us for April 26th and are drawing in everything we've got. Please share Ella's story & find the fairies to help fly Ella to St Louis***

Ella bo bella arrived into this world weighing 800 grams and 15 weeks early. The odds were stacked against her - but no one knew how tough a tiny fairy could be.

Ella’s Mum and Dad had lost her older sister, Emily, only one year before. The grief and pain was immense – and this tiny fairy carried so much hope for her family.

Ella suffered a Grade 4 brain bleed when she was a few days old. The outlook for her was grim, and Mum and Dad were told she would never walk, never talk, and never recognise them. They took it on, knowing that although the machines helped Ella breathe, her heart was beating to her own drum.

On day 6 Ella was rushed to Starship for emergency bowel surgery. She survived.

On Day 10, she opened her eyes. On Day 12, she was finally stable enough to be held by her Mama.

Day 13 Ella was rushed into surgery again to alleviate pressure on her swelling brain. She pulled through.

Day 20, Ella was almost 3 weeks old, but required another brain surgery to relieve pressure.

This pattern of challenges and trauma and surgery continued.

Ella spent 122 days in NICU both at Auckland and Middlemore, and over a week in Starship's Neurosurgery ward. Every hour there were highs and lows, challenges, infections, weight gains... and a "One Kilo Club" membership.

Then Ella made it home, September 2 – two weeks after her original due date.

Today Ella is a cheeky and social just-turned-4-year old. Her rocky start has resulted in her diagnoses of cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy. This means her legs are too tight to be able to walk and find balance. She requires a shunt to help alleviate pressure in her brain. And relies on daily medications to prevent seizures.

Ella soldiers on regardless of 13 surgeries, multiple ED admissions, physiotherapy, speech lessons, and of course, plenty of giggles, spark and cake.

But now the kid has caught a break. And we need your help.

Ella has been accepted to undergo Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, in St Louis, Missouri,with the renowned Dr Park. This procedure will give Ella the chance to walk.

We are going to get Ella to St Louis for May 3rd, 2018 - Ella's 5th birthday.

We have been aiming for $150,000NZD to cover the surgery, travel and some costs associated with Ella's rehabilitation on her return. We kicked butt and raised this the day we broke the Guinness World Record for Most Fairies in One Location! However we have discovered the travel costs due to the complex medical conditions Ella has. To cover safe & appropriate care we have been told we will require two medical specialists to escort Ella. Our short-fall is a further $90,000 and will save, fundraise, work and plan accordingly.

X thank you for you help x

For more information on SDR at St Louis see here

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Katherine Yearbury


Fairy Steps 4 Ella

To help Ella with opportunities in her development and growth.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Katherine Yearbury.

“Glad all is going so well so far. A great story. All the best for the future.”
“Great to read the latest update on Ella. This wee lady is going to have a wonderful future with all the loving people around her.”
“So proud of you guys!”
“So wonderful to read of your successful operation, Ella, and sincerely hope you achieve your target amount for ongoing rehabilitation. Such a beautiful little fairy who has been helped along by her fairy godmothers and fathers xxx”
“Best wishes for lil fairy Ella”
“True love parents”
“Thank you Kat for sharing your amazing journey with us. It was inspirational! Best wishes from everyone at ANZCAL”
“Incredible story of what you have gone through with your daughter Ella and to see the rapid progress since the surgery in America.”
“Inspirational story. I look forward to following Ella's progress x”
“Thank-you Givealittle for the voucher to support Miss Ella xx”
  • $88,338.00 donated
  • 1,400 generous donors

$88,338 donated

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