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Family in need during unexpected illness

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Given by 19 generous donors in 4 weeks

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To help support this family through the unexpected lengthy hospital stay and allow both mum (Estelle) and dad (Sam) to be at their sons side

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Greyson was a 28weeker born due to severe pre-eclampsia.

Not long after his discharge from NICU Greyson's grandmother (mum's side) was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away after a 4month battle.

He had his fair share of struggles as a premmie, he has struggled to gain weight, had repeated bronchiolitis with hospital admissions

He had also grade 4 tonsils which would have been big for the average adult, and they obstructed his breathing and his eating of solid food, they needed to be removed.

He also is at risk for aspiration and is feed oral liquids via a NG tube

He went in for surgery for adenotonsillectomy, grommets, broncoscopy, larygoscopy and oesophagoscopy on the 25th and unfortunately aspirated into his lungs during this, he struggled to breath and ended up intubated, and on the ventilator.

He's currently at Ronald Mcdonald house with his mum hoping to get home later this week, while dad has gone back at work

Dad took two weeks off work to be with Greyson instead of the planned two days, but had no sick leave left,

it's been a constant battle and compromise of your leave to fit around your medical child and his appointments

Dad has his own surgery coming up on the 22nd of August requiring more time off

And Greyson is also returning back to starship in September

They have had a tough two years since August 2017 and this is to help with the ongoing expense of having a medical child and give them a break they truly deserve without having the stress of worrying about finances

Cindie Ritchie's involvement (page creator)

I have been a close friend sincedwe met and my son was Greysons nursery buddy through his long NICU journey. Doing everything i can to help support this amazing and well deserving family ❤

Use of funds

To help pay for normal living expenses and other expenses that come with being away from home. Any support will be greatly appreciated so both mum and dad can be with Greyson in Starship through the most life threatening part of his unexpected illness.

Latest donations

  • Maarten, Natsuko and Lina

    Maarten, Natsuko and Lina on 16 Aug 2019


    Sam, Estelle and boys. A lot of extra strength to you all to go through this hard time. Speedy recovery and hope you feel better soon, Sam! :) We are looking forward to meeting Greyson when we come back to NZ. Thinking of you all. Lots of love from Maarten, Natsuko and Lina in the Netherlands.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 14 Aug 2019


    sending love and hugs to little Grayson and you all


  • Hope Family

    Hope Family on 14 Aug 2019



  • Alexis

    Alexis on 14 Aug 2019



  • Sista

    Sista on 13 Aug 2019


    Agape love 2 Grayson & loving family


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$1,230 donated

Given by 19 generous donors in 4 weeks

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