Fighting cancer for Leo, for our family!

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Please help us so Paul can have the best treatment possible and Leo the opportunity to have his amazing dad around for his next milestones.


Hi, my name is Paul, but given you're here I'm assuming you already know that; and if you don't, thank you for visiting my page.

Update 20 Sept:

Thanks to all of you fantastic homo sapiens we have reached our revised target! Just wow. 💯❤️

Any additional funds we receive from now will go towards making memories as a family (we're going to see more of NZ as my health and treatment programme allows) and an education fund for Leonardo to make sure he has the best possible future.

My story:

In short, I'm 37, have a wonderful wife and six month old baby boy - see photos :) - and I've been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. We recently moved to Kerikeri so we can be closer to Leonardo's grandparents, and I go down to Whangarei every fortnight for treatment.

Without treatment, I wouldn't live to see Leonardo's first Christmas. I was given 3 months. With the chemotherapy I've now started I might be able to stick around until he goes to kindy.

My dream is to be there for him until he goes to school, and maybe even graduates. This dream is possible if I'm lucky and everything works, which it currently seems to be doing. But one must be a pragmatist, the reality is I likely have 1-3 years to enjoy life with my wonderful family and create as many memories as possible.

My biggest fear is that Leonardo won't remember his dad, something I never thought would happen. If you can spare anything to help us cover my treatment costs it would mean I get more time with my wife and son, whether that be a few extra months or many years.

We are doing everything we can so I'm around for Leo as long as possible. But unfortunately, this doesn't come free. We have $40,000 of costs over the next 6 months on top of the primary treatment provided by NZs health system. Thankfully my parents have covered $8k of private fees so far to speed up my treatment, but that leaves $32000 remaining. This $32k solely covers the purchase and administration of the unfunded Avastin. Avastin is part of the standard of care for my condition in Aus, UK, Europe, and the US, and it significantly improves the likelihood of a good outcome for me; but it is still unfunded in NZ.

Use of funds

All funds will go towards Paul's treatment, Avastin. Any remaining funds at the end of Paul's treatment will go towards making memories as a family; and if need be then Camila and Leonardo figuring out a new life without dad.

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Latest update

Progress Update  18 January 2021

Hi all

Time for a progress update - i have been doing some on FB but have been lax on here.

As of a few weeks ago I had my second CT scan and this showed a remarkable 80% volume reduction across all tumor after 8 of 12 chemo cycles.

On top of this I have just found out that the liver surgeon believes he can remove all of the remaining liver tumors through surgery. I have 2 rounds of chemo left and the surgery will happen 3 or 4 weeks after the last round. This is amazing news and means I have a much higher likelihood of being in the 3% that are cured - a far cry from my dismal starting point!

Thank you again for all of your donations and support. Without all of your support I would not be as chipper as I am, you're all amazing.

All the best


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Latest donations

Bill on 16 Oct 2020
Thinking of you and your family, Paul.
Paul Dowd

Thanks Bill, and for the messages :)

Paul Dowd
Jenny on 15 Oct 2020
Wish you and your family all the best. Jenny & Eamon
Paul Dowd

Thanks Jenny!

Paul Dowd
Chris B
Chris B on 09 Oct 2020
Good luck Paul - you are going to knock it out the park!
Paul Dowd

Thanks Chris!

Paul Dowd
Rita on 01 Oct 2020
Praying for you in Ireland Leo Rita (Catherine's friend)
Paul Dowd

Thanks Rita!

Paul Dowd
peter and evelyn
peter and evelyn on 29 Sep 2020
Much love and prayers and thoughts from Uncle Peter and Aunt Evelyn
Paul Dowd

Thanks Uncle Pete and Aunty Evelyn! :)

Paul Dowd

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