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Fighting cancer for Leo, for our family!

  • Progress Update

      18 January 2021

    Hi all

    Time for a progress update - i have been doing some on FB but have been lax on here.

    As of a few weeks ago I had my second CT scan and this showed a remarkable 80% volume reduction across all tumor after 8 of 12 chemo cycles.

    On top of this I have just found out that the liver surgeon believes he can remove all of the remaining liver tumors through surgery. I have 2 rounds of chemo left and the surgery will happen 3 or 4 weeks after the last round. This is amazing news and means I have a much higher likelihood of being in the 3% that are cured - a far cry from my dismal starting point!

    Thank you again for all of your donations and support. Without all of your support I would not be as chipper as I am, you're all amazing.

    All the best


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    • 19/01/2021 by Liz Maluschnig

      Wow! That is absolutely fantastic news Paul and Camilla - well done to you both - it's been a gruelling time with all that chemo however to have those results and the promise of surgery is truly amazing - yay!!! x Lizzie

    • 19/01/2021 by Catherine

      Little Paul....isn't that just the best news!! That first day was beyond devastating and so hard to share with our family...this news was the best ever to share. We are so glad to be able to have helped and to continue to help wherever we can. You and Camila have fought hard yet tried your best to continue on with "normal" life while bringing up Leo...simply amazing!!

      We live you heaps bro! Xx ❤️😘 The Clarke 4

  • We've done it!

      20 September 2020

    Thanks to a direct donation that has covered the first Avastin payment and all of your fantastic support we have now reached our revised target!

    Camila and I have been blown away and humbled by all of the support we have received. You are all amazing people.

    I'm off first thing in the morning for my third chemotherapy cycle and I just can't wait! It seems like a strange thing to say, but I'm feeling good and if I'm feeling good then I want those drugs in me as soon as possible.

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  • Thank you!

      12 September 2020

    To everyone who has donated, thank you so much.

    Seeing everyone from our past, present, and those we don't even know putting up their hand to help fills us with warmth and love. Much love.

    So far your combined efforts have covered 2/3 of my treatment, something truly remarkable. The pressure this removes from my family is immense.

    On the treatment side, my white blood cells are down right now so I'm not allowed to leave home, which really sux because I otherwise feel good and like everything is going as hoped. Gotta be safe though!

    Thanks again. You are all amazing. ❤️

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  • First cycle update.

      9 September 2020

    I have had an excellent response to the the first cycle of chemotherapy. I have noticed some immediate improvements, such as less pain and my bowels now work properly. This is a big improvement in my quality of life.

    Thankfully I have had few sideeffects so far and am handling the chemo extremely well.

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