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I am a 18 year old film student and I am fliming a documentary on my journey to meeting my grandmother for the first time

I am helping Caleb Brown make this page. My name is Caleb Brown and I am a student at South Seas film and television school. I am currently half way through the year and preparing my big project which is filming a documentary.

I have decided to shoot my documentary on "my journey to meeting my grandmother for the first time".

As I was growing up, I had met my grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles from my mothers side but knew very little of my fathers side. As I started South Seas, I started asking question and wanted to know more about the other side of my family. I now know that my dads biological mother (My grandmother) lives in Adelaide and I can't wait for the day to meet her.

I am asking all my friends/family/peers to help me follow my dreams and come on this journey with me. I am needing to fundraise for my self and 2 other students to travel to Adelaide to help me capture this moment.

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Seamas Dawson-Myers
Seamas Dawson-Myers on 05 Sep 2016
All the best! :)
Dick Nobbie
Dick Nobbie on 05 Sep 2016
Bloody cheers
Ansell's on 05 Sep 2016
Lochie on 02 Sep 2016
You know
You know on 02 Sep 2016
I love you

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