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Frankie desperately needs our help

  • Frankie has been found!

      5 August 2023

    Its with great delight that we can announce that Frankie was found at 12.30pm this afternoon, thank you so much to everyone who has helped get her home.

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  • Frankie has been sighted!

      4 August 2023

    Unfortunately we still don't have Frankie home yet, BUT she has been sighted a couple of times, she is just a bit scared and timid at the moment.

    Frankie has chewed through her longline, so she is determined to come home to us. She may have been spooked by the storm, but is hopefully hunkered down because it has been super cold out the last few nights.

    A message from Sara: Thank you so, so much for all the comments of support and offers of help, we have been absolutely blown away.

    Extra thanks to the people who I have never even met who have given their time to go and look for my girl - in particular Richard, George and family who are camping nearby and putting out and monitoring food, Cliff and his dogs, Bruce, Justin from Diego's and those of you here that have been donating you are all amazing!

    Thank you to everyone who has shared my posts, shared ideas and shared suggestions.

    We haven't given up on your Frankie-dog you have too many people cheering you on!!!

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