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Free Max, Shine Light into a Broken Judiciary

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Help free Max who was wrongly convicted in a case involving perjury, to result in a gross miscarriage of justice.

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Max Tobin is a man who enjoys being out in nature, to delight in the beautiful bush, the trees, birds and the beautiful landscape that is New Zealand. Max spent a good portion of his time growing food, gardening and doing some landscaping, as well as crafting art with his hands. Max has the ability to relate to people from all walks of life, as he had for many years worked in Auckland, interviewing people for jobs as a specialist in the high tech area of recruitment.

Often the life of the party, Max is an entertaining storyteller, who has had many people on the edge of their seats, either laughing, or moved to tears, as some have been deeply touched, when Max shares stories which pertain to the challenges within the human condition. Max is an optimistic and social man who enjoys planting seeds in the garden, as well as those which can inspire others to create positive changes within their lives. Many can attest to the fact that Max is a man of peace, and someone whose word is his bond. They know Max enjoys to spend time focusing upon creative pursuits as he is a skilled artisan, who enjoys woodworking and carving.

I his wife and life companion, am a singer songwriter, and it was a song I wrote and recorded that brought the two of us together from two opposite sides of the world. We have goals to record and produce albums, as we had our love song professionally recorded in celebration of our coming together. Some years ago now, Max and I moved from Auckland to northland to retire, Max is 68 years old and I am 64. Our dream for retirement, was to focus upon our creativity to plant gardens, create music and art as it supports healing and well being in community.

Then one night in July of 2016, our dreams shattered, and all turned into one long legal nightmare, and our lives have never been the same. Three years on, we endure the legal abuses, and now the daily heartbreak of separation, as Max has been imprisoned for six months, with no appeal in progress as lawyers are reluctant to take this case due to the excessive misconduct that puts their career at risk if they do. The pain and hardship of what we experienced to be a wrongful conviction and incarceration and all that entails, involves ongoing heartbreak, overwhelm and exhaustion for us both.

There was an incident. Max was assaulted and in our view the other party fabricated their witness statement; this along with their character being in question from past arrests/offences. Max was not given a fair trial and needs additional funds to appeal the case, and requires assistance with other costs related to his incarceration. I see now its imperative to raise funds so there's incentive for the right lawyer to take and win this case.

Alana Tobin's involvement (page creator)

I am Max's wife Alana, and am raising monies for legal costs, lawyer, investigator and team, with air and car travel expenses, monies Max requires for monthly canteen, toll calling, fuel costs to travel 3 hrs a wk to visit and support him at the prison, supplies he requires while in.

Use of funds

Lawyer & PI fees, Retainer $20k grounds, $70,000, approx $50,000 for PI fees +team, all accrues while on case, $180/hr, $0.95/km for travel. PI $5,000 for initial file review, report. $50 wk, 3 hr drive/prison, toll calls $126/2 mo, canteen a mo/$100.

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Latest donations

Roger M
Roger M on 07 Jun 2019
Wishing you the best of luck Max, too overturn these ridiculous charges
Walter Hacon
Walter Hacon on 14 Apr 2019
Max, I want to see you exonerated of these ridiculous charges... I'm with you all the way brother.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Apr 2019
Andrew M
Andrew M on 10 Apr 2019
Good luck my friend!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 08 Apr 2019

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Alana Tobin on behalf of Max Tobin

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