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From graduation to hospital gown...

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    Wiremu asks

    How is he doing?

    on 3 Jul 2019

    • Tainui Harris


      Whitinga passed away on the 23rd of June after a hearty fight... we are so proud of him.

      Thank you for your support x

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    Caitlin asks

    Hi Tainui, my name is Caitlin. I’m conducting a study at the University of Auckland on the use of crowdfunding platforms to fund health-related costs in New Zealand. I’m hoping to speak with people with experience of setting up and managing a Givealittle page on behalf of a loved one. I understand this will be a time of immense pressure for all involved, but I’m also aware this may be a topic close to your heart, and I believe your contribution to the project would be really valuable. If you are open to participating or would like more information, please email me confidentially at Participation would involve a conversational interview at a time/place convenient to you. To thank participants for their time, each will receive a $30 voucher. Thanks and best wishes. Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 11th June 2019 for three years, Reference Number 023136.

    on 24 Jun 2019

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