Help Fund a Civil Case to recoup Million Dollar Fraud

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This theft robbed this couple of their retirement and have now had to kick start again the Business to help fund that deserved retirement.


Recently a well Respected Gisborne Business Couple lost close to one million Dollars by an employee put into a trusted Position.

Tony and Jennifer File Entrusted Their Office Lady To Run the Day to Day Financial Transactions of there Business TONY FILE ROOFING LTD.

This Trust was Completely Destroyed See article Attached.

Kat Hollis led the high life "allegedly" blowing the lot on "everyday living expenses" on her family including cars, motor-cross, motorbikes, speedway and a huge amount spent on renovating the house they were “Renting” really??

She claims there is nothing left!!! So...Tony and Jenny now have to launch a Civil Case to try and recover some or any of what’s left, or assets this fraud funded.

This cost they have to bear, and somewhat typifies the NZ Justice System where the Victim is left out in Favour of the Criminal.

Let’s get together and Give a Little to cover costs of this Legal Challenge that still may prove fruitless based on the claim nothing is left.

Supportive Friends of the business' involvement (page creator)


Use of funds

The Funds Will be used To Help Fund a civil Case Against this ex Employee to Try and Recoup some of the Stolen Funds, perhaps any residual can be used to offset the inevitable loss.

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Gary,Tony & Megan
Gary,Tony & Megan on 15 May 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 29 Apr 2020
You didn't deserve this, it was a cruel and disgusting betrayal. I cannot believe the lack of remorse shown by her and the family.
Sam & Sio
Sam & Sio on 24 Apr 2020
Bruce & Lyn Olding
Bruce & Lyn Olding on 15 Apr 2020
Di and Mike Virtue
Di and Mike Virtue on 13 Apr 2020
Good Luck Guys with the quest to retrieve from the guilty what SHOULD rightfully automatically be returned to you. All the best Di and Mike Virtue

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