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RNZ / Radio New Zealand is operating under an 8 year funding freeze. Please donate to the campaign to unfreeze its funding! #FundRNZ

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Please donate to the campaign to unfreeze RNZ's funding. Radio New Zealand is our non-commercial, public service broadcaster. It has endured a 9 year funding freeze only to get a tiny increase this year and as a result of this, has been forced to make cut backs such as closing regional offices, making people redundant and cutting programmes. They are continually making a whole series of sacrifices in order to stay viable.

They shouldn't be having to hustle for their survival, they should be adequately funded so that they can get on with doing their job - being a broadcaster!

I intend to use the money to raise awareness of the issues surround RNZ's long term funding shortfall. If you donate, your money will go towards funding such things as:



Public meetings


Decorative materials

Along with any other related costs that I incur along the way. I may also come up with other ideas for the campaign later on and these may need funding too.

This campaign is completely independent of Radio New Zealand and I'm doing this as a private citizen. All donations will go to the campaign and NOT to Radio New Zealand itself.

Please donate, if you want RNZ to have the future that it deserves! #FundRNZ

P.S. There is also a link below to the petition to the House of Representatives to increase Radio New Zealand's funding.

P.P.S I'm unable to change the wording of the subtitle where it says that RNZ is operating under an 8 year funding freeze. Suffice to say that its financial difficulties continue.

This page is authorised by A. Newman, 29 Bradford St, Waihi.

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Jo Bond


I started this campaign because I believe that public broadcasting is important for a well-functioning democracy. Radio New Zealand has a fine reputation as a public service broadcaster, but it is being slowly eroded due to its financial constraints.

We have already lost TVNZ7 which was a great source of information and analysis of issues which affect New Zealanders. We can't afford to lose RNZ as well.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Jo Bond.
“Please keep up your excellent work”
“Thank you, Jo. I have given money to all who fight for this”
“We need good, independent journalism. Have you seen Stuff or the NZ Herald recently? Utter crap”
“Thank you for your critical efforts, Jo. Good luck and keep up the good work.”
“RNZ is my main source of good, interesting information. The TV News has become a magazine mish-mash and doco's are few and far between.”
“The lack of diversity of opinion in the media is troubling as it is deliberate government policy. The political events in the U.S. highlight why this is such a shortsighted and damaging situation. Radio NZ is one of the few sources of thoughtful and in depth media content, in contrast to the wasteland of pop radio shock jocks and their comfort with lying to listeners in order to score some cheat shots at our expense. Please help protect them from being strangled by a mean venal government.”
“As the quality of journalism elsewhere is declining, RNZ becomes ever more essential if we want our population to be informed about what is happening in NZ society.”
“I totally support increasing RadioNZ's funding - they are one of NZ's best public broadcasters!”
“I agree that our public broadcaster shouldn't be scrounging for pennies to keep up its fine work.”
“There is opportunity for youth to train in trapping/poisoning on the ground. Not only are these sort of opportunities badly needed for young people there is a good trade in fur an a far more effective way to clean up the forest of opossum. In the winter the opossum are pushed back down below the snow line and accumulate in large numbers at the edge of farm land where they are easily accessed. Creating learning, hope, jobs and a respect and appreciation of the bush, a national treasure.”
  • $3,906.00 donated
  • 72 generous donors

$3,906 donated

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