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Help fund the FundRNZ Campaign

  • Happy New Year!      11 January 2018
    Posted by: Jo Bond
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    Hello! I am reopening this page because although we have had a change of government, RNZ's funding has not yet been allocated. It has been reported that the majority of the proposed funding Increase for RNZ will be put into building a new television station for RNZ Plus, rather than RNZ's existing operations.RNZ is currently operation under a $12 million funding shortfall and desperately needs to have its funding boosted for its radio operations.

    Since this page has been opened, RNZ has moved from operating under a 9 year funding freeze, to getting an extra $11.4 million in funding over 4 years. This only works out to be an extra $2.8 million per year. Considering that their last funding increase was in 2008 and they only got an extra $2.4 million, you can see that this funding increase really isn't a funding increase at all!

    No funding increase would have happened it if weren't for people adding their voices to the campaign either via the petition or by other methods!

    Thanks to your generosity, I have been able to pay for including, but not limited to:

    .venue hire for public meetings

    .A livestream video and podcast for a public meeting

    .Printing of posters and flyers

    .Packet data for mobile online petitioning

    .Upgrading the Fund RNZ website

    .Facebook and Twitter advertisements

    .A newspaper advertisement

    .A video camera

    .A tripod

    .A sound recorder

    .Video editing software

    .Portable hard drive

    .One trip to Wellington for me to speak at Select Committee to the petition. (Flights & cheap room).

    .The Funding Monster (worth $85).

    .A portable table to run stalls

    .A banner

    .Fund RNZ Stickers, balloons and other decorative materials

    .A heavily discounted former display model drawing tablet for making online images

    .Sign making materials

    Thank you very much to everyone who has donated so far, you have made a huge difference and I couldn't have done it without you!

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  • Fund RNZ Give A Little extended til May!     15 March 2017
    Posted by: Jo Bond
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    I am reopening this Give A Little page because the fight to increase RNZ's funding continues. We are 71 days away from The Budget and I intend to fight til the bitter end!

    More meetings are to be held in Wellington and Auckland and I need to raise more money to cover the costs of both of these meetings and their related costs.

    Since last year, the government has disestablished the Broadcasting portfolio and, as of this year, RNZ is now into its 9th year of its funding freeze! RNZ cannot continue to sustain itself with sinking lid funding. Their next asset sale is likely to be their Auckland studios! Let's fight this! #FundRNZ !

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  • Happy New Year! Check out the website for Fund RNZ!     4 January 2017
    Posted by: Jo Bond
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    I hope you are having a great New Year! If you're interested, do check out the website for #FundRNZ. The link to it is here:

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  • Public Meeting / Campaign Launch for Fund RNZ!     15 November 2016
    Posted by: Jo Bond
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    There will be a public meeting and campaign launch for Fund RNZ on Tuesday the 22nd of November at 6:30pm at 160 Crawford Street, Dunedin. Thank you for your donations so far, you have helped make this possible!

    FB event link here:

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