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Get Marcus/Wheels to Muscle Car Madness!

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We trying to raise funds to get Marcus to the Muscle Car Madness (a hot rod car show) held down in Rangiora Christchurch.

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Marcus (known as Wheels) was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (a form of Muscular Dystrophy) and has used a power wheelchair since the age of six.

However this had not slowed Marcus down enjoying farming life as a young child, and as an adult he made the city his home for his working career and motor sporting interests..

Unfortunately the last ten years have taken a toll on our friend Marcus in both his physical and mental well being.

In 2011 on a cold Sunday morning Marcus was preparing himself to attend his 4 wheel driving club anniversary outing (Marcus rides co-driver in his specially modified 4x4 with a driver.).  

He went to say goodbye to his dog and his power wheelchair got caught on the run lead.  It suddenly catapulted Marcus from his chair, resulting in numerous fractures in both his legs, and a rotator cuff injury, placing Marcus in Waikato Hospital. 

Sadly he lost his left leg (above knee amputation) and 90% use of his left arm.  To top it off he also received a mild head injury.  

Eight years go by with added physical limitations, and now living with pain on a daily level. Despite all of this he was doing amazingly, and back out there following his passions of classic cars, wheeling the river trails, competing in his 4x4, or being creative in his shed, just living life having fun. 

Recently he was cleaning his driveway after some 4x4 fun the previous day.

He goes to move his wheelchair and Bang!, the hose slips forward hitting the joystick sending him out of control, off the footpath face first into the road. This time wearing his seat belt, both him and his chair where thrown forward off the curb braking both his left stump tip and his right femur (like an upturned "V"), shattering his kneecap .

The hard call was made to have his right leg off, spending 33 days in Waikato Hospital, but during this stay Marcus was hit with Septicemia (blood poisoning) in his good arm, causing related issues and killing what use he had in his right arm. 

Resulting in alot of change. Marcus can no longer do many household tasks, hold his power tools safely, weld or be creative in his shed, and eating or drinking, brushing hair or teeth. These tasks can no longer be done without help.

He is 30 days out of hospital living back home.  He has already been out 4x4ing in his truck.

The “Go Marcus (Wheels)” continues to be amazing and we would love to see Marcus reach a few of his dreams, and see them through........... complete his already started projects, a talked about road trip to Christchurch early in the new year or even Canada.   

Please help with whatever you can and get behind Wheels to help make his dreams come true.

We are hoping to do a U Tube of his road trip to Christchurch. 

David Crawford's involvement (page creator)

His inspiration to others is incredible.

Marcus is a good bugga and deserves a break, he is my brother from another mother, lets all help make some dreams come true for him!

Use of funds

Marc has a dream off traveling to the South Island to attend Muscle Car Madness and follow his passion of cars, hot rods, museums - basically any thing mechanical.

We are after help with fuel, care giving costs and ferry to make this trip happen.

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    Goodluck mate Hope to see you at MCM


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$5,230 donated

Given by 79 generous donors in around 3 months

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