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Get Marcus/Wheels to Muscle Car Madness!

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    Chris asks

    Very cool. Got some petrol vouchers sorted for you. How do we get them to you?

    Cheers Chris

    on 1 Jul 2019

    • David Crawford


      Please post to

      2 belt Rd

      New Plymouth

      Belt road sea side holiday park

      Thanks u rock.

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    Chris asks

    Hi David. Fantastic what you are doing for Marcus. How will you guys be getting down there? Road trip or flying? Cheers Chris

    on 30 Jun 2019

    • David Crawford


      Hi. Chris, its Marcus here and yup we are looking forward to this big adventure for sure.

      Yes we are making it a road trip in my xr8 powered Transit van and small trailor. There are 4 of us traveling down as i have to take carers will me.

      Our plain is to do some shed raids on our return.

      Hopefully we can meat up with others on our way, Brian from AJAYS is keen to join us.

      Thanks for your interest.

      Marcus Madill

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