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Help Us Pay For Bringing Cara-Joy Home - Updates - Givealittle

  • Progress!     15 November 2015

    Hi everyone. First, thank you so much for your amazing donations! We love you all. The best bestest news is Cara has woken up! She is not "lucid" but she in no longer considered to be in a coma. This is fantastic progress. The next piece of good news is the mission to get her home is getting clearer by the day. Its looking like we may even have her home in the next two weeks. Its going to be ALOT of money, will get you final figures as soon as I have them. So keep sharing, giving and helping us where ever you can. We are so grateful and humbled by all the love. xxx Simone

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  • You guys are awesome     9 November 2015

    I have seen so many donations in the last day. A bit here, a bit there. Everything is so appreciated and we feel so supported! She now has a small chest infection. Apparently normal for someone who has gone through what she has been through... but none the less worrying! She is responding really well to people and music with little eye movements and hand squeezes.

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  • Gradually improving     8 November 2015

    Well she is doing better today. When recordings are played or people sing to her she really responds, eyes flutter and little smiles. Mission to get her home? We have had some more quotes in - more to come. But the initial $700,000 has dropped to at most $300,000. Hoping to have a clear target this week to aim for. Stay tuned.

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  • Latest from the US     4 November 2015

    Today Cara when asked gave the thumbs up! Witnessed by three people including the nurse instead of Dad or Friend! Woo hoo! Update on the mission to get her home. We still don't know if the UMC (University Medical Center) is going to help like they said they might. Nothing has been put in writing. Thumbs up!!!

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