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Getting chest binders to trans and non-binary people in Africa, Latin America + Central Asia - Updates - Givealittle

  • The binder fabric is on its way     30 June 2018
    Posted by: Jack Byrne
    Main image

    Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this fundraiser. Your generosity is astounding. We reached our goal! :)

    This fundraiser closes in less than 2 hours, so I'm not sure if we will be able to post photos once we are together distributing the fabric in 1-2 days' time. Instead, I have posted a photo from Joe of some of the binder fabric he purchased in Bangkok.

    We are really excited about the immediate outcome for trans and non-binary people in Africa, Central America and Central Asia - and are also very keen to think of ways to build on this momentum. Our hope is that making binders may become a small social enterprise for some activists. Thank you all for such a very practical demonstration of international solidarity.

    Joe, Sanjar, Jabu, Alex and Jack

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  • Last 11 days for our fundraiser and we need $850     19 June 2018
    Posted by: Jack Byrne
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    In 11 days the five trans activists who started this fundraiser will be at the same meeting. We will travel with suitcases full of fabric, and other materials and patterns for making binders.

    We are $845 short of our target right now. Please help us get close to that amount.

    I wanted to share a photo from one of the trans men in Central America who will get his first real binder because of this fundraiser. But i was not sure that GiveALittle would let us publish the image. It shows him binding using a belt, that causes him a lot of pain, and still does not give him a flat chest. The other image I have does not say a lot on its own. It is of the trans man in Central Asia who created the binder pattern for us.Together they symbolise how trans men and non-binary people are supporting each other across the world through this fundraiser.

    I have not posted for a while because there have been some other important fundraisers in my small local community. I'm hoping this one last push will help us reach our target. Please share it widely, as every small donation means enough materials for more binders.

    Jack (and Sanjar, Alex, Jabu, and Joe)

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  • We have the binder fabric! Spread the word so we can pay for the rest of the materials.      13 May 2018
    Posted by: Jack Byrne
    Main image


    The response to our last update was incredible. Thank you to everyone who donated what they could. Many people talked about how important their first binder was to them or someone they knew, and they wanted to make that difference for others too.

    Because of your generosity, Joe Wong was able to order the binder fabric. The update photo is one he took from the fabric store in Bangkok.

    Now we are fundraising for the other materials that people will buy locally in Africa, Central Asia and Central America. The main cost is the sports fabric that the rest of the binder is made of, to reduce the amount of sweat. Plus local activists will need to buy things like hooks, velcro and cotton.

    Sanjar and Joe are also working with others to create the binder patterns.

    Please keep circulating the fundraiser. We need about NZD 1,000 to reach our target of 2,800.

    Joe, Sanjar, Jabu, Alex, and Jack

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  • Only $280 needed to buy the binder fabric     1 May 2018
    Posted by: Jack Byrne
    Main image

    Thank you so much to the 20 people who have donated $1,120 to this fundraiser - in just 9 days.

    Together we have ALMOST raised enough $$ to buy binder fabric so that trans and non-binary people from Latin America, Africa, and Central Asia can make their own chest binders.

    When we started this fundraiser, we trusted that our communities and allies would support this project. Many who have donated are on low incomes. Everyone has prioritised this fundraiser over something else. That means a lot to all of us.

    We need to raise another $280 by 7 May - our deadline for ordering the fabric.

    THIS WEEK, please repost our fundraiser or msg, tweet, or email your friends and allies, reminding them of our deadline.

    No donation is too small, and the messages people leave are really encouraging for us and the local activists.

    We had planned to put the fundraiser on an international site, but struggled to find a low fee option that would accept a campaign from any of our countries. So we have been really relieved to see that people have still been donating from so many parts of the world.

    Thank you again for all your support

    Jabu, Alex, Sanjar, Joe and Jack

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