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Cyclone Chick Project 🐣

$970 of $2,000 goal
Given by 18 generous donors in around 6 months

Gifting chickens to Cycline Gabrielle victims who lost their animals in the floods

Napier, Hawke's Bay

My name is Sally and I am a farmer and vet in Patoka, Hawkes Bay. I run an educational farming social media page called Kiwi Country Kids and I’m using our page and following to generate support and to help people who were severely impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Many people lost their animals, including chickens, during the floods. I am rearing chicks to the point when they can leave mum (around 6-8weeks) and then gifting to affected people. I have also been purchasing 18month old ex-commercial hens to gift. We now have a network of friends and neighbours who are also rearing chicks on our behalf, to gift to flood victims, it had become a real community effort!

Each family receives a bag of layer pellets or chick crumb when they take on their new feathered friends.

Funds will be spent on specialized chick food, layer pellets for older hens, shavings, disinfectant, feeders, drinkers, fuel for deliveries.

This project will carry on over the coming months, as many people are still displaced and cannot take chickens yet. We will endeavor to keep a continuous supply of chicks growing, so that we can help everyone on our list.

If you have been affected by the cyclone, please email me at with your details and story as to how you have been affected by the cyclone.

You can follow the journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages Kiwi Country Kids 👍🐣

Use of funds

Specialised chick food, drinkers, feeders, bedding, disinfectant, broody pens, fuel to deliver chicks.

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Birds heading to their new homes   22 April 2024

We have placed over 200birds into new ‘cyclone affected’ families now, with more heading out this week and we even have some hens still sitting on eggs!

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Latest donations

Sara on 04 Apr 2024
Sally Newall

Thanks Sara ❤️

Sally Newall
Diane on 02 Apr 2024
Keep up the good work
Sally Newall

Thanks so much Diane!

Sally Newall
Danielle on 30 Mar 2024
Keep the word out there! People care … we just don’t know how to help. From a JAA
Sally Newall

Thank you!!

Sally Newall
Leonie on 30 Mar 2024
Happy Easter! Thanks for bringing these little bundles of joy to others.
Sally Newall

Thank you Leonie!

Sally Newall
Liz on 30 Mar 2024
I love that it’s chickens helping with the recovery! Thank you for such a thoughtful, practical idea (and coincidentally finding out about it round Easter). Arohanui from our whānau
Sally Newall

Thank you so much!!

Sally Newall

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Sally Newall on behalf of Cyclone victims who lost their chickens in the floods
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