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James Depree, 25, has Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma and needs help to cope financially while he is unable to work.

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On 16th April 2018, my brother James Depree was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma.

At just 24 years old this was a huge shock to him and everyone around him. He is fit and healthy working by day as a builder and by night as a personal trainer. He is the definition of "It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy" because it ACTUALLY couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Being Stage 4, this meant that James would now need chemotherapy to heal his body. This also meant he has had to give up his two favorite things - Work and Gym.

He then received 6 months of ABVD chemotherapy all the while living from his savings and a small amount of assistance from Work and Income. He has had the MOST AMAZING attitude throughout his entire treatment.

Unfortunately, he was told that the ABVD chemotherapy hadn't had the desired result and that he would need a further 3 months of much more aggressive chemotherapy. To put it simply, this treatment is called ICE and it is 3 days per treatment in hospital and 3 weeks apart. Once that has been completed he will have a further 6 days in hospital where he will have chemotherapy to reduce his bone marrow to absolutely nothing before putting stem cells into him which will reboot his immune system and with all luck, he will be on the road back to his normal self and life. He will be unable to work for the 8 months following treatment as this chemo is very severe and his body will need to time recover.

As i mentioned, James has been living off the money he has worked so hard to save for his future and over the last 9 months this has been depleted and he deserves and needs help.

My brother has continued to make everyone else smile during this difficult time and hasn't ever asked anyone for anything. He is the most kind, humble, hardworking person i have ever known and it is an honor to call him my brother.

I would like to raise some money for him to live off until he is better and to ease his financial burdens over the coming months so he has no need to worry and doesn't need to rush back into working before his body is ready.

Thank you in advance to anyone that supports James through this horrible time in his life. He is already so grateful to all of his friends and family who continue to support him and he often tells me that he wishes he could repay you all somehow.

Love you James!! A.k.a: Squid (His work allocated name) , Jimmy (His parents allocated name) and Uncle James (His niece and gym families allocated name)

#quidforsquid #Champion #fundraising

Lucinda Depree's involvement (page creator)

I am James Depree's sister and I would like to help him raise money while he is receiving treatment for Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma to ease his financial stress while he is recovering.

Use of funds

Funds will be paid to the verified bank account of James Depree to help him cope financially while he is unable to work.

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Finally some actual news 🙌  14 November 2019

Hey Teamies,

In Tuesday James had a meeting with his hemotologist and after a long, agonizing wait for some news he Finally has some regarding what is next for him.

From December this year he will be receiving a drug called Brentuximab Ventodin. This drug is basically the only next step for James at this stage. It is an anti-body drug that is specifically targeted against positive cancer cells such as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which is what James is dealing with right now.

He will be starting on 1 dose of Brentuximab via drip for one day every 3 weeks for 3 cycles so 9 weeks in total.

Then comes a PET scan to see if he has responded to the drug.

And so the cycle repeats for up to 16 doses.

The goal is for James to be in complete remission and then they can go ahead and give him a donated stem cell transplant as they have already tried his own stem cells and they weren't unfortunately able to fight the good fight.

The donated stem cells will then (with all of our fingers crossed) become his new immune system to fight off any further cancers.

The donated stem cell will come from myself - if I am a match) and if I am not they will go to Germany for a donor.

James is still waiting to find out if the drug company will fund this drug on compassionate grounds. We hope to find out the answer to this as soon as possible. James and our family remain ever optimistic that they will fund this drug but there is still the reality of "what if they don't?". To put it into perspective, only 2 other people from wellington have been funded for Brentuximab.

Brentuximab costs $40,000 per dose.

$40,000 x 3 cycles is $120,000.

James definitely needs 6 doses = $240,000.

The hemotologist has said that if he gets funded for 16 doses they will use all 16 as it would ensure the Hodgkins was completely gone = $640,000.

Like I have said, we are all remaining hopeful that at least 6 of these will be funded but I will update you all regarding this asap.

On top of all this, James has been told by his Doctor that he will not be able to work for another 2 years. This in itself is difficult for him because as we all know, he loves his job so much and at such a young age this has been a huge set back.

We all, from the bottom of our hearts want to thank everyone that has donated money to james, it has taken a huge weight off his shoulders meaning he can concentrate on getting better and keeping himself as healthy as possible.

As you can all imagine, this has been a lot for James to process and deal with. Please, don't be offended if he doesn't respond to your messages or calls, he appreciates all of your support and encouragement but he's understandably exhausted and physically in pain. He will certainly make up for lost time when he has recovered.

He loves you all and big ups to all the boys doing Movember - you guys absolutely rock!

There really are no words to describe exactly how much all you are appreciated and I know that if he could, he would thank you each personally.

James - you are an absolute superman. We all have your back 110%. Keep up your amazing attitude to life and your awesome sense of humor 💙💙💙💙💙

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    Kia kaha James


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$27,292 donated

Given by 273 generous donors in around 10 months

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