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Givealittle baby a heart

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This page is dedicated to raising funds to save a little baby boys life. His heart will require surgical operations for him to survive.

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A little baby boy is due to be born at the end of September. He means the world to his family, however he has been diagnosed with Multiple Congenital Heart Defects. The pipes that flow between his heart and the rest of his body are in the wrong place and he left side of his heart is under developed and not working properly. Without surgical intervention, he won't be able to use his lungs to oxygenate his blood, causing his vital organs to shut down and die. He will most likely need his first operation as soon as he is born so he doesn't drown in his own blood, followed by a series of other complicated surgical operations and then possibly still need a heart transplant at some stage.

The Newman family which consists of Sam (dad), Rose (mum), 5 children and their elderly dog are currently in the process of relocating from their home in Northland to Auckland. The oldest daughter will remain in Northland. They need to find somewhere to rent near the Auckland hospital. Baby will need to be born in Auckland Maternity and go straight into the Intensive Care Unit for the cardiology team and pediatric surgeons to give their baby the special care he needs, using medicines and complex surgical procedures starting as soon as he is born. This ensures he will get the best chance of having quality of life.

As an Ambulance Officer trained at First Responder level, Sam is looking to transfer his skills at helping others to the Auckland region through a variety of volunteer work while they are staying in the area. He will also take any paid job he can get that's close to the Hospital. He would especially like working in the Ambulance setting or as some kind of helper in Auckland Hospital. (Kitchen staff, cleaner or washing linen in the laundry room etc) to stay close to Rose and their fragile little newborn baby, while creating some income for the costs of moving and living in Auckland.

Thank you for taking the time to read Baby's story on facebook. If the link below doesn't work, try copying and pasting it into your browser. We will be regularly uploading new photos of Baby both here and on his Facebook page, posting latest updates on his new scans and prognosis, adding links to pages with more detailed information explaining exactly what is going on with his heart and which medical procedures he will need in order to have a chance at surviving. Please feel free to go to his facebook page and help spread the word. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Go to:!/nt/screen/?params=%7B%22fundraiser_campaign_id%22%3A471780233622405%2C%22source%22%3A%22bookmark_hub%22%7D&path=%2Ffundraiser%2F&ref=bookmarks

to follow him throughout this difficult time. Sharing this page and his Facebook page would be a huge help and remember to check back here for new updates too. Thank you for having a kind heart.

Janice Doel's involvement (page creator)

I have known Sam all his life and his parents who were close friends of mine. Sam deserves all the help towards saving his sons life that he can get. He is a lovely person who would help anyone if he could. His parents have both passed away. His mum Mara Newman was a nurse at Kaitaia Hospital for many years, then worked on as an Epilepsy Field Officer and when funding dried up, she kept on anyway. His father Alistair Newman did a lot of work in the community of Kaitaia too and especially helped out a lot of the young teens. His last job was working for North-Tec teaching Farming, Permaculture and Organic Horticulture. Sam also puts back into his community through his involvement within the Emergency services. He has been a volunteer training and working with Red Cross, Coastguard, Rural Fire Force and Civil Defence. He is still currently volunteering his time with St John Ambulance and Land Search & Rescue. Sam has a lovely wife Rose who I haven't known for very long, but having been around their family lately, I have observed a loving mum with very well mannered children that Rose puts a lot of time into supporting their interests, such as gardening, cooking (and boy can Rose cook!), soccer and other sports. Her eldest child is a National Power Lifting Champion.

Please give a little to this young couple as they deserve all the help they can get.


Use of funds

To cover medical expenses and other general costs relating to getting the Newmans little baby boy the help he needs to have a basic working cardiovascular system, before it's too late. + Relocation, & accommodation costs for the family while in Auckland

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All together in our Auckland home  2 October 2019

We are now all together at our Auckland rental house. All Titaha's numbers are looking good at the moment and his lungs are clear of fluid, so knowing that we don't live far from the hospital, the doctors were happy to send us home for now. No more staying in the car in the hospital car park to be there whenever he woke up and no more cords and hoses sticking out of him. His brother and sisters have all had cuddles now and he is able to breastfeed on demand and sleep in his pepi-pod next to us. This has given us all some sense of normality and however long it may be for, we are all wrapped. He has to put a lot of effort into his breathing, but he has put on weight and the community nurse will visit him regularly to make sure he's progressing the best he can with only half of his heart working.

Thanks again for all your kindness.

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    Sending you guys love and positive thoughts from England! Congratulations to you all. Thinking of you and can’t wait to meet the new arrival next one we are over. X


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$2,512 donated

Given by 40 generous donors in around 3 months

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