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Give The Gift Of Life To Maddie

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    Sandy asks

    What blood type is she? Why can't she have a kidney from nz? What are the requirements to donate a kidney if a match? What do you need to be to be a match?

    on 26 Aug 2017

    • Sarah and Madeline Collins


      Hi thanks for asking, it's not so much about matching blood type which is important it's about antibody matching, New Zealand doesn't have enough donors - add in Maddie's donor specific antibodies the chance of finding a match in NZ we would need a miracle, USA can offer us a transplant sooner rather than later and allow Maddie to get on with life without relying on a machine to keep her alive. If you are interested in becoming a donor please ring your local hospital and ask to speak with the transplant coordinator or have a look at Kidney Health NZ online thanks 😀

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    Andy asks

    We have a fundraising event on 26th August and we'd like to help Maddie. Our plan is to direct people to this page to make donations.

    A group of 17 people will be indoor cycling for 25+ hours in an attempt to break the world record. Our attempt will be made at Anytime Fitness Cashmere in Christchurch.

    One of our riders suggested that we raise funds for Maddie. I hope this is acceptable :)

    All the best.


    on 14 Aug 2017

    • Sarah and Madeline Collins


      Matty and Andy you guys rock!! So grateful for your amazing support!!!

  • shell1974

    Jayden asks

    Can people enquire about donating a kidney? What are the requirements?

    on 28 Jul 2017

    • Sarah and Madeline Collins


      Hi thanks for asking about organ donation. You need to ring your local hospital and ask to speak to the transplant coordinator - they can answer all your questions.

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    Kimberley asks

    Good Afternoon

    I have been asked to contact you on behalf of a Charitable Trust I handle the administration for. I have been reading on the care and treatments Maddie has been through and requires on an ongoing basis, just heart breaking. Such an inspirational, strong young lady. The Trustees would like to know, in the very unfortunate event that the target of $350,000 is not reached to allow Maddie to travel to have the required treatment in the United States, what happens to the funds donated? Are there alternative procedures Maddie will be able to have for which donated funds could be utilised? This question is asked with the utmost respect and concern for Maddie and is purely to ensure the Charitable Trust is compliant and operating within the confines of the Trust Deed. I look forward to hearing from you so I can report back to the Trustees.



    on 2 Dec 2016

    This question has not been answered yet.

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