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Give The Gift Of Life To Maddie

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Maddie has a kidney disease that means she requires another kidney transplant.

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***Update 23/2****************

On the 17th of January we received a call in the night that NZ had found a kidney for Maddie. After being told we would need a miracle to find a match in NZ - we got our miracle.

This was transplanted in Maddie but it was to fail and she was returned to theatre for them to try and get it working - after trying unsuccessfully for many hours the decision was made to remove the kidney, put it back on ice and re plumb Maddie then re transplant it back into Maddie.

Currently her kidney is working, Maddie will have a biopsy soon to determine how well her kidney is.

A transplant is only a form of treatment - not a cure for Maddie.

This kidney will not last Maddie a lifetime, she will require more transplants to keep her alive.

Monies raised from this page is being used for her transplant costs, her overseas treatments and appointments etc and her future medical needs.

Give the gift of life - Donate your organs


Maddie has a kidney disease called FSGS and has had a kidney transplant which has failed and now requires another transplant which cant be offered in New Zealand. We need to raise the funds so Maddie can have a chance at having a meaningful long life.

Madeleine is 12 years old and needs another kidney transplant. She only has a 2% chance of matching anyone in New Zealand so the most likely and best option for her is to have the transplant in America.The estimate cost that we have received for this is $350K. There is urgency around her having the transplant as soon as possible as her health is deteriorating and she is required to be hooked up to the dialysis machine every day.

Page created by:

Sarah and Madeline Collins


I want to see Maddie have her dreams fulfilled and be able to have a normal childhood which is not possible with her being connected to dialysis daily for 10 hours.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Maddie Collins.

“Good luck, Maddie. Hope you can raise the money you need to give you good health.”
“Wishing you all a lovely Xmas and may the New year bring continued hope, strength and health.”
“A very brave girl! Good luck!”
“This donation is made with love and prayers from our entire team.”
“Kia Kaha, I look forward to seeing you riding in the Olympics one day.”
“Watched the documentary on Maddie and was truly inspired... all the best xx”
“Good luck sweets, wishing you all the very best luck in the world xx”
“Merry Christmas my hero! Stay classy girl!!!”
“Sending love and best wishes to you Maddie, for a happy and well Christmas and hoping that 2017 makes all your wishes come true! xx”
“Praying for a miracle for you all! Maddie you are such an amazing girl. Thank you for your inspiration. Keep fighting. Sending much love your way! Kia Kaha”
  • $149,420.77 donated
  • 2,540 generous donors

$149,421 donated



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