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Adam and Katie teaching tumours they can't stop us

  • Onto the next stage

      23 October 2015

    Hey again everyone.

    Well I'm now 4 weeks past my combined radio and chemo treatment. That went for half of August and all of September (6 weeks in total). I got through it fairly scott free, lost a little tuft of hair, and had a really rough time after the treatment. Lost about 9kgs - however, I have moved on from that and am feeling A LOT better now

    I saw my oncologist on Wednesday, and she is really happy with how I got through everything. I start my 6 month chemo treatment today. I basically take 5 days of higher dosage and then have the rest of the month off. I'll be doing that through till mid-March.

    The doc seems to think I'll be able to handle it really well, and not worry about side effects, and actually be a real person again... maybe :P.

    On the whole, am happy with however is going.

    Have a few MRIs coming up, so will have a put more info about my actual brain soon.

    Thanks again everyone :)


    Adam and Katie

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  • Treatment

      20 August 2015
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    Hey everyone

    So just a little update. After Katie and I got back from a very much deserved holiday from everything going on. I have started Chemo and Radiotherapy this week. This goes combined for 6 weeks in total, then a further 6 months of on and off Chemo treatment.

    At the moment I feel like a box of fluffies, but if I get any side effects they may kick in, in about a weeks time. So we shall keep everyone up to date.

    Again, thank you all so much for your support, both on here, and everywhere else. It certainly makes me stress a lot less about the future.

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  • Herald Article

      12 July 2015

    Hey everyone

    So as many people have seen, the NZ Herald decided to run an article on me because... reasons (here's the link if you haven't seen it -

    The response has been overwhelming, and Katie and I are both very humbled. Personally I feel like any media outlet, they have made it sound a tad more dramatic than they needed to. Also I came across blunt as could be, because I wasn't quite fully aware the phone call was the interview.

    So basically, I'm doing just fine. Chemo and Radio have a confirmed start date of the 17th of August. So get to just plan everything until then, and see whoever. Before I become a germophobe hermit!

    Thanks again everyone

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  • FIrst 48 Hours

      9 July 2015

    Hey everyone

    Thanks so much for the first 2 days of support that has been generated. Both on here and on various social media avenues.

    A little update, Adam has been into the fertility clinic today. As there is a chance the chemo could render the chance for Katie and him to have children very difficult. That was another kick we weren't quite expecting.

    Also, Adam is off for his planning meeting tomorrow with the Radio and Chemo docs to get him ready for everything that is going to be starting up soon.

    We shall give more information as it comes. Once again, thanks so much everyone!

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