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Grounded Kiwis Group - Legal challenge against the New Zealand Government’s MIQ system

on 10 Oct 2021

David asks

FYI I was a FIFO worker , working on an oil rig in west Australia (Pyrenees Venture Modec / BHP) . Because of MIQ I have lost my job. Probably many other kiwis have lost their jobs as well. MIQ is so poorly run it has to be deliberate.

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on 10 Oct 2021

Ian asks

Hi.. I was planning to make a donation to support your legal challenge but I see the page is closed.. Do you plan to open it up again? Thanks

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on 8 Oct 2021

Andrew asks

I have sent emails to the PM,DPM, Covid Minister and Immigration Minister stating that New Zealand Passports state:

“The Governor-General in the Realm of New Zealand requests in the Name of Her Majesty The Queen all whom it may concern to allow the holder to pass without delay or hindrance and in case of need to give all lawful assistance and protection.

For some time now you as Ministers of the Crown have not been meeting this legal requirement of NZ citizenship.”

I received just one reply from Chris Hipkins staff member giving a standard cut and paste answer to what they are doing.

Quite clearly the MIQ system breaches the rights of a NZ Passport Holder “to pass without delay”. And refusing access to NZ is a breach of the NZ Bill of Rights.

Our family are 5th and 6th gen were action born New Zealanders and many in our family cannot return to NZ. We have no other country other than NZ to call our home. The NZ Government c as not refuse our family members the right to return home.

Any support and assistance I can provide, just ask.


Andrew Williams

Former NZ Member of Parliament, Mayor of North Shore City and Member of the Auckland Consular Corps.

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