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Healthcare for children in greatest need

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Please help us provide these at need children and their families with the healthcare they deserve.

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In the 1970s, the Khmer Rouge genocide killed one quarter of the Cambodian population. They targeted anyone with an education, killing teachers, artists, nurses, doctors, and more.

Today, the children in Battambang still feel the effects of this tragedy. Living in a community still coping with trauma, a community where caretakers are unable to guarantee them a safe and healthy childhood, these kids are forced to grow up too quickly. Children as young as five leave home to work in the fields or factories. Girls as young as seven lured into the sex trade.

Children’s Future exists to help this community heal, one child, one family at a time.

I was contacted by my friend Lee (Country Director of Children's Future), a NZ citizen working within this organisation in Cambodia alongside his partner (also a NZ citizen) Zoey after he saw the desperate need for health intervention. His messaged included how a child was recently having their wounds cleaned by mouthwash due to both the lack of health education and medical supplies.

Chad and I are therefore travelling to Battambang for four days to provide both healthcare and health education.

Use of funds:

Every cent of the money raised will be spent on health supplies and healthcare for this vulnerable population. Lee (Country Director of Children's Future) will hold any left over money and use it as required for ongoing healthcare.

Page created by:

Lisa Reid


I have been asked to travel to Battambang, Cambodia to provide medical education to staff caring for orphan children and to provide medical care to these children at greatest need. My boyfriend Chad, who is a paramedic for Wellington Free Ambulance is also coming along to help.

All money raised will go directly to the children's medical care and medical supplies.

All funds raised benefit:

Children's Future Cambodia

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Lisa Reid on behalf of Children's Future Cambodia.
“I was unable to make your movie night but well done Chad and Lisa. What a awesome thing you are doing.”
“All the best Lisa! What you are doing is incredible!”
“Amazing that you are under going this trip for these poor people. A heart felt thanks for your compassion.”
“All the best for your trip. What a great thing to do.”
“All the best lisa and chad its a great cause well done and stay safe”
“You’re a legend and an inspiration Lisa! Xx”
“You’re a good egg. Proud of ya!”
“Love this. What an awesome way to share your skills and talent with those in need.”
“All the best, great cause.”
“Good luck with the amazing trip and challenge you're undertaking.”
  • $1,945.00 donated
  • 30 generous donors

$1,945 donated


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