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Help Abby fight and get home!!

  • Final Update from the Hartleys x

      25 September 2018

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly we would once again, say thank you to everyone who has followed, donated, shared and commented on our journey with mum. We couldn’t have got as far as we did without all of the amazing support from everyone.

    We have been doing a lot of thinking over the weekend on all of our costs and funds on give a little we raised.

    After a lot of calculations we have worked out that we have $50,000 left from all of the generous donations.

    We have decided as a family that we would like to split and donate the remaining money to various charities/organizations. Time and thought has gone into this and we decided to go with charities that were close to mums heart and ours.

    One organization we are very excited to donate to is..

    Dee is a Scottish lady living in Bali, who heard about our families situation and she helped us out in the very difficult time. Dee runs a school in Badung, Bali, for kids that have been rescued from very traumatic pasts. Dee and the kids invited dad and Toby to join them for a game of football (soccer) which they happily took up. It was a very well needed break and after seeing all of these kids with such positive attitudes gave them a good boost to carry on for the remaining time. Our donation will be going towards a few renovations for the school and basic essentials to keep Dee’s school running.

    Secondly, we are also donating to the mental health foundation-

    As mum suffered from mental health it was something that was very close to her heart. She was always willing to help anyone and she made sure mental health was known and recognized.

    Finally we are making a donation to the Starship hospital in Auckland-

    Mum adored kids and we know she would really love for a portion of this money to go towards kids in need. The donation will go towards new technology and medical equipment to save and extend lives, vital research to ensure better outcomes, boosted family support, staff training and community outreach projects to keep children out of hospital.

    From here on out, we are trying to get back into a bit of normality and get everything back on track, it’s what mum would’ve wanted. I can almost hear her now shouting at me for not keeping on top of washing or having takeaways when we can’t be bothered to cook. Woops. This will probably be my last post as this page closes at the end of this month but it has been a pleasure waking up in the morning and reading all of your lovely comments and feeling all the love so thank you!!

    All the best to each and every one of you!

    Sophie, Richard and Toby Hartley xx

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    • 26/09/2018 by Elaine

      Dear Sophie, Richard and Toby.

      We have followed you all throughout this unexpected journey and have shed many tears. Your family's courage in starting this page and having your life bared for all to see shows how much you loved her. Your family have shown great dignity and a caring attitude to everyone who donated and even to those who showed no respect in their comments.

      Our family and friends who donated to Abby's page think that the charities you have chosen are very worthwhile and are pleased that your family have made this lovely decision.

      We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

      Love and best wishes 💕

      Elaine and Albert (UK)

    • 26/09/2018 by Lyndal

      Hi Sophie. I’d like to echo the previous comment and send my sincere admiration to you. You’re an amazingly inspirational person. Love and huge hugs again. Maybe our paths will cross sometime.

      It would be a pleasure. Stay strong and remember the good times and good people on the road ahead. Much love Lyndal

  • Rest easy mum x

      21 September 2018

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for not updating everyone in a while. Things have been pretty crazy for us all as i'm sure you can imagine.

    On Monday the 17th September we held a very beautiful service to send mum onto wherever she may be now, we know she would've loved it. Many thanks to everyone who attended.

    Thank you for all the lovely messages and condolences. I will try and reply to everyone when I can.

    Much love,

    The Hartley's x

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  • Rest easy Mum ❤️

      11 September 2018

    Hi everyone,

    On Sunday morning 8:55am Bali time mum let go after fighting and fighting a very long battle. Dad and Toby were by mums side until her last breath. Mum is at peace now and we are extremely grateful for the many years of joy and love mum bought us. She will forever be held in our memories and hearts and without a doubt she will make her presence known when she is watching over us.

    We did everything we could and had to do to help mum fight and get her home

    We would like to thank everyone for all of your love and support, it has made everything that little bit easier.

    We have no bad feelings towards the government and we understand their decision to not assist us with getting mum home.

    We would like to ask everyone to respect our privacy and let us grieve. We will not be answering any questions from the media.

    The Hartleys ❤️

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    • 11/09/2018 by Robyn

      Dear Hartley whanau

      I was so sad to read of your Mum's passing. I had great hopes for her return home and recovery, you all fought so hard for that. Please know you are in the minds and hearts of many, many people all over the world right now, even though we are strangers we hoped for the best outcome. Again, my sincere condolences for your loss.

      Kia kaha.


    • 11/09/2018 by Keith

      Hi Sophie,

      I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your Mum.

      You have shown great strength and courage through your mum's illness in keeping people updated.

      Your Mum would be so proud of you.

      I know Toby through Cambridge football.

      You are a lovely family and you are all in our thoughts at this very sad time.

      Keith Hedges

  • Friday 7th September

      7 September 2018

    Selamat pagi / Selamat sore

    Good morning / good afternoon.

    Not much has changed have the past few days with mums condition. Today mum is still very stable except for a temperature being a bit up and down but this is not unusual. Her WBC are a bit low being at 1,900 but this isn’t alarming. Apart from that every other stat hasn’t changed much.

    The biggest thing we have been waiting for is Mums stool samples. These stool samples have been the main delay for mums return home. We needed 3 stool samples coming back negative for dysentery. 2 stool samples were taken yesterday 1 being in the morning and 1 being in the afternoon. Both of these stool samples came back negative. This was very exciting news and meant we only needed 1 more clear stool sample to give mum the all clear. This morning we came in with our hopes up high to see mum has produced the last stool sample which came back negative. This is awesome news and this means mum has the all clear to fly.

    With mum being all clear to fly it is now up to our Evac team to get mum home :D

    Thank you everyone for your support ❤️

    The Hartleys.

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  • Explaining ourselves because of media.. AGAIN

      5 September 2018

    Hey all,

    Me again, sadly once again explaining ourselves over recent media attention because apparently we don’t have enough on our plate.

    The insurance company has finally been named.. COVER MORE. Not by us but by someone from one of the Balinese hospital’s mum has been at, which we find rather disgusting as that is a breach of our privacy, but that’s neither here nor there.

    We kept the name of the insurance company out of this purely for this reason, NEGATIVE MEDIA ATTENTION. Mum did all the bookings for hers and dads trip to Bali including the insurance. The information we had at the time of making the claim was unclear to us as mum was the one who took the policy out and due to being in a coma was unable to provide of having or not having declared anything at the time of booking the insurance.

    When we made this givealittle page we stated that insurance declined our claim because it was related to a pre-existing medical condition hence why we needed to raise the money. So we did state that the decline of the claim was due to a pre-existing medical condition, no truth was hidden there.

    I do not believe we have mislead anyone of the public or the insurers whilst this horrible situation of ours has been going on. We have tried to be transparent from the start.

    We are very disappointed that a certain media outlet was chasing a different angle of our story and has gone above and beyond to get the name of the insurance company purely for negative media attention. But hey, congratulations to them cause that’s bound to make a good story for them right? Doesn’t matter about the extra stress it puts on us and the insurance company, I’m not sure they understand that we’re human too.

    So yes, maybe mum didn’t declare a pre-existing medical condition, but everyone makes mistakes, very unfortunately for us it’s a very expensive, stressful and horrendous mistake.

    At the end of the day, I personally don’t care what the media has to say or anyone with their negative comments, my mum is STILL lying in a hospital bed in Bali and fighting problem after problem and anyone in our position without a doubt would have done the same thing. I am extremely proud of how myself and my family have handled everything and I would like to, once again, thank everyone so much for all your support and messages!

    A couple of things I would like everyone to take from our experience is:


    2- If your ever in the position where you need help from the media, use 2 or 3 known sources and stick with them, they’ll be on your side.

    3- Don’t believe EVERYTHING you see in the media, Chinese whispers happen a lot and things get twisted or made up in the process

    4- Pick up your phone right now and call your mum, dad or siblings and tell them you love them.

    5- My parents have always said “Never go to bed on an argument” this is pretty irrelevant but I hope people read this and take it in.

    I really hope this is my last update regarding negative media attention but hey if it isn’t I think that everyone following our story through this page trust us and that is all I care about.

    Thank you once again!

    Sophie :)

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    • 06/09/2018 by Jayne

      Dear Sophie

      It is unfortunate that you and your family have to deal with this insensitive behavior. All the people that donated did so on their own free will, we want your mum home so that she is surrounded by her loving family & friends. This could happen to anyone...stay strong & ignore the idiots writing this rubbish. We are all here to support you & your family xx

  • Tuesday 4th September

      4 September 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Yesterday was not a good day for Mum but today she has been a bit more stable.

    Mums WBC have dropped a little bit from yesterday and are now 7,500. Mums blood pressure has been a bit more stable today ranging between 120/75 to 130/80. Mums temperature has been good today at 37.0 and has not needed the cooling blanket at all today. Since yesterday Mum has not had anymore seizures and has been given anti-seizure medication. Doctor do not know why Mum had these mild seizures but could be down to one of Mums amitriptyline. Which has now been stopped. Mum has also been taken off sedation again and is a bit more alert with movement in her eyes. As far as getting her Home Mum needs to have 3 clear stool results over a period of 3 days. Doctors are finding it hard to test her stool results as Mum has not had any bowel movements.

    We are still working really hard to get Mum home ASAP.

    Apologies for the updates at strange times, we don't have much information until the doctor comes around :)

    Thank you once again for your love and support. ❤️

    - The Hartley's x

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    • 05/09/2018 by Natalie

      Hi Sophie. The extra horrible BS you're having to deal with is just terrible. On a positive note, the article in our local paper is lovely. It's just great that the community are seeing through the media circus and are willing to help your family. Much love & take care 💜

  • Monday 3rd September

      3 September 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    As from today Mums WBC have gone up again to 13,000 but this is not alarming since her WBC have not been stable for the past 3 days going up and down. As for mums temperature it hasn’t been so good today. Mums temperature has shot up to 37.8 so she has had the cooling blanket on for most of the day. Even with the cooling blanket mums temperature has stayed between 37.5 to 37.8. We are also struggling with high blood pressure with highs of 198/115 and this has caused Mum to have face convulsions. To prevent further convulsions and more stress the doctor has made a decision to give Mum sedation to calm her down.

    We have been working very hard to get Mum home ASAP but now have to wait for some results. Doctors have suspected Mum might have dysentery and this means we have to wait for 3 clear stool samples. Once we have the 3 clear stool samples we will hopefully have the all clear for Mum to fly home. We cannot say how long it will take to get these clear samples.

    We are still working really hard to get Mum home ASAP.

    Thank you once again for your love and support. ❤️

    - The Hartleys

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    • 04/09/2018 by Jeanette

      Stay strong and ignore the nasty comments. Everyone has a choice of who they donate to and who they don't. You should not feel any guilt of the money you have received. I bet your mum would be super proud of you.

  • Update regarding latest news coverage

      3 September 2018

    Hi everyone,

    I’m not sure why I feel the need to clarify this but I feel as though people are having a fielday with the latest news on the fact that a generous “concerned New Zealander” has paid for my mum’s MEDEVAC. This post is for all the generous people that have donated to our give a little page and followed our story, as I feel you have the right to know that your donations have gone towards what we promised they would- medical bills and MEDEVAC. All you negative Nancy’s out there feel free to have a read and put your minds at ease also.

    This is in fact true but not all facts were clearly stated. The costs of the MEDEVAC were covered so that we could get the ball rolling on getting mum on her way home. I’m not sure how often people have tried to rack together 170k for an emergency flight plus 100k for medical bills but as I’m sure you can all imagine it is not easy and requires a lot of time consuming paperwork. Therefore we will be paying back this generous person once we have the funds from our re-mortgage and the funds from this page has been released.

    Mum’s condition is very up and down and we are facing some more challenges regarding getting her home but thanks to all of you we have the certainty that mum will be able to come home to be with her family and friends and hopefully boost her recovery.

    If anyone has any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to drop a question and I will answer it as soon as I can. We will be staying away from the media for now as facts seem to get lost in the process.

    On a positive note: I promise the minute mum is on her way back to New Zealand everyone who is following our story on here will be the firsts to know and I truly can’t wait to write that post :)

    Thank you to everyone who has followed mum and our story and of course everyone who has donated and shared our story. We cannot thank you enough!


    Sophie x

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    • 03/09/2018 by New

      Dear Sophie and family (and everyone who is negatively commenting about the money this family has raised), I donated to your fundraising effort and I would like to say PLEASE DO NOT PAY BACK the funds to the "concerned New Zealander" reported about in today's media. I am sure this donor gave the money knowing full well that you had already raised money on this page, and with no intention of you paying the money back ie. it was a donation, just like all our donations!

      Please KEEP all the money raised via this page OR donated by the "concerned NZ'er". I am so disappointed that people are questioning what you are spending the money on. We all gave to your cause because we care about your family. Please use ALL the money as you see fit! We trust you, and we want the best for your family. You have shown by your decisions and updates that you have integrity and despite all the stress you are under you are doing ALL you can to do the right thing, you even closed this pages account, and I'm sure you would have raised at least another 100k for your cause. For that reason I say you deserve to keep all the money donated, including the recent large donation, to help your family in the weeks/months to follow, and maybe even to pay for another holiday for your parents (and all of you for that matter) once your mother is all better.

      And to all those who are questioning this family's use of all money raised, please stop stressing them out with these petty comments and questions, let them be, let them concentrate on their mother and the multiple issues that have arisen from this horrible situation they have found themselves in. This is such a stressful time for them all, the last thing they need is added stress from busy bodies who have nothing better to do than question them about the use of these funds. I think I speak for the majority when I say that we as donors gave in the GOOD FAITH that this family will do the right thing by their mother and by themselves and use the money as they see fit. There are so many "hidden" costs that come with situations like this eg. follow up care for their mother, labour to help run their family business while they care for their mother, accommodation and daily expenses for the family while they are in Bali with their mother etc etc etc. Why question them when their story is in the press for all to see.

      Sophie has shown thru her decisions and updates that they deserve every penny donated. Leave them in peace. Let them focus on their mother, their family business, and their own wellbeing.

      Sophie - please know that there will always be haters, but please know that the majority of us trust your family to do what is best for you, even if that means using the money to go on a family holiday, or pay the mortgage (to ease the stress while your mother recovers), pay for family meals etc etc WHATEVER you decide, I for one am 100% in support of you. Ignore the haters. Use the money as you see fit. DO NOT PAY IT BACK. We gave in good faith. God bless your family.

    • 04/09/2018 by sath

      Hi Sophie

      Remain focussed on the job at hand ie getting mum to NZ and to better care. Please dot not let the comments by a few people in any way sway you and your family during this difficult time. Stay calm and committed to the course. Wish you, mum & family all the best with the next steps and pray that she recovers soon. warm wishes and lots of love. Sath & Anita Deo

  • Sunday 2nd September

      2 September 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Apologies for the lack of updates the past couple of days.

    Mum has been relatively stable the past 2 days with mild changes. Mums WBC have now gone back down to 9,000 from 24,000. This is good but not ideal as they have been fluctuating the past couple of days. Mums temperature has been a bit up and down also with a low at 36.6 and highs of 38.0. Mums sodium levels are now clearing up which is good because this is a prime factor of getting her to fly home. Mum has had mild physio with movements in her arms and feet pointing up. Mum is also more alert giving us more blinks and slight movement with her eyes.

    We are still working really hard to get Mum home ASAP.

    Thank you once again for your love and support, we read every one of your comments and it's such a big boost for us all seeing the kind messages ❤️

    - The Hartley's x

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    • 02/09/2018 by Phil


      You and the family have shown amazing relisilance, strength, compassion, and understanding, during which is undoubtedly the most stressful and challenging time of your life’s. Your dignity and class in dealing with the occasional negativity of some has been exemplary. You are absolutely right in focusing on the imeadiate and medium term challenges of getting Mum home along her ongoing medical needs and care when she returns home, ( “pick your battles “ )

      Our love and thoughts are with you all, keep up the fantastic job you are are all doing.

      Phil & Marie

    • 03/09/2018 by Beverley

      Hi Hartley Family!

      That’s good news, fingers crossed your rescue flight to bring Abby home will be soon. I’ve kept your givealittle page open in my phone browser ever since I first visited so I could keep up with your updates. I’m sure I’m not the only one watching for your posts! Please take care of yourselves, times like this take an incredible toll on stressed bodies and it’s easy to forget how important you are to your Mums recovery.



  • Thursday 30th August

      30 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Mums WBC have gone up again from 16,500 to 24,000. This as a little alarming but not a shock to us. Over the past few days her WBC have been increasing and this is not good because this is a sign that Mums antibiotics aren’t doing their job as much as we would like. On a more positive note Mums temperature has been very stable today being at 36.0 to 36.6 throughout the day. This means that Mum has not needed the cooling blanket throughout the day. Also Mums sodium levels are stable staying at 140. Mum had mild physio today with movement in the arms and change of postion with her legs.

    Thank you once again for your love and support. ❤️

    - The Hartleys

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    • 30/08/2018 by Deborah

      Sophie, you are doing an amazing job of trying to get your dear mum home along with your dad and brother.

      No one can truly grasp what you all must be going through. You have a lot to deal with and decisions to make for for such a young woman. Hope all goes well in the coming weeks.X deborah

    • 30/08/2018 by Deborah

      Sophie, you are doing an amazing job of trying to get your dear mum home along with your dad and brother.

      No one can truly grasp what you all must be going through. You have a lot to deal with and decisions to make for for such a young woman. Hope all goes well in the coming weeks.X deborah

    • 30/08/2018 by Deborah

      Sophie, you are doing an amazing job of trying to get your dear mum home along with your dad and brother.

      No one can truly grasp what you all must be going through. You have a lot to deal with and decisions to make for for such a young woman. Hope all goes well in the coming weeks.X deborah

  • Update on funds

      30 August 2018

    Hi everyone.

    There has been a lot of confusion around the funding and how much we are raising.

    As mum has been in hospital since the 1st of August our hospital bills have stacked up hugely due to the treatment mum has required- we are looking at roughly $100,000 by the time we can get her out and home.

    We have had a latest quote from the EVAC company for $168,000 so that brings us up to $268,000.

    Also this page has a 5% fee of all donations.

    We will be coming up with the remainder and have stopped donations now.

    The page will still be open for everyone who is following mums journey and we will be sure to keep posting on how she is doing.

    I hope this has made things clear for everyone and thank you to everyone who has donated so far, if we could thank you all personally we most definitely would 😊

    The Hartleys ❤️

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    • 30/08/2018 by Casey

      Please re open donations people like myself still want to donate - Wishing you all the love and light. Hope Abby gets home soon

    • 30/08/2018 by Charlie

      Am pleased you now have the funds to bring Mum home. I have followed your story since you started this page and have always understood the changes in the costs you face thanks to your daily updates. Safe travels when the time comes and I look forward to any updates once you’re home. Arohanui.

  • Wednesday 29th August

      29 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    I know most of you have seen the article s and the interviews on the news and I just wanted to thank everyone that had shared and got the word out so that was all possible.

    As far as Mum goes she has been stable today. Except a few things. Mums WBC have gone up from 13,500 to 16,500 which is not good. This is not good since this means the antibiotics are slowly wearing off. Her sodium levels are stable to at 140 which is not to high and not to low. This is good because it puts the brain more at ease. Mum has had a cooling blanket on most of the day but from 12pm till now she does not have it on. She has had very mild physio today with movement in here arms and shoulders. The Doctor has got back to us with the CT scan saying hopefully Friday.

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone with each little donation and each little share. Every little bit matters and we would be this far without everyone’s support.

    Thank you

    The Hartleys. ❤️

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    • 29/08/2018 by Danielle

      Hi family,

      My husband is a pathologist at Pathlab in Hamilton, and can not believe the sidestep that your insurance company is attempting to make. His professional medical opinion (even without having seen you mum’s charts) is:

      “Torsion of the small intestine is a well recognised cause of an acute abdominal crisis, and can not be confused as a pre existing condition. It may be a complication of an internal hernia or adhesions which hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders will have within their abdomen, and would never know about. The adhesions or internal hernia could be interpreted as a pre existing condition, but the acute twisting of the bowel with loss of blood supply to a segment that then “died” is an acute event that in my opinion, should be covered by any responsible insurer.”

      Should your family, or a lawyer like to have any further discussion with him about this, he would be happy to help with your case at no cost to you at all. He can be contacted by email at, or through me on mobile number 0220 607 934.


      Danielle Schaad

  • Tuesday 28th August

      29 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    It was a good start this morning for us here in Bali. Previuosly the Doctor will come into see Abby and say “ohh Abby you make me sad” once looking at her progress but this morning he came in saying “ohh Abby you make me happy”. This was good to hear and put smiles on our faces.

    Mum has been stable today with her WBC coming down ever so slightly from 14,000 to 13,500. Mums sodium levels have also come down a little which the doctor is happy with. This is good since the sodium levels effect Mums brain if these are to high. Mums temperature has not been so good so throughout the day she has had her cooling blanket on her to keep her temperature at ease. This also means that Mum could not have Physio today as this could risk her temperature to increase and blood pressure dropping.

    Thank you once again for your love and support. We are so close to bringing mum home 💕

    - The Hartleys

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  • Monday 27th August

      27 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Mum is still fighting away at this infection but her White blood cells have increased to 13,500. This means the antibiotics are fighting the infection but not as well as we would like. She has been the mix of three antibiotics for 7 days and the Doctor says we are running out of time for her to respond to these antibiotics. Mums sodium levels have gone up which is not good for the brain and if they give her more fluids to combat this it could potentionally effect her lungs.

    As you are all aware the most important thing right now is to get Mum home. This is all very important to us because she deserves to back home surrounded by her loved ones. We are doing everything we can to raise the funds so we can make this happen.

    Just wanted to thank everyone for your drive to help us trying to reach our goal of getting Mum home.

    Thank you once again for your love and support. ❤️

    - The Hartleys

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  • Saturday 25th August

      25 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Yesterday we got some good news from the Doctor as he said Abby would be able to fly home at 40% oxygen from the respirator and with all her obs stable. This was uplifting news and we started to get the ball rolling by organising Abby to fly home commercially at $52-$60k, this would include using 9-10 seats for Abby on a stretcher, equipment required and a doctor and nurse. After re-mortgaging we would just be able to come up with this money but the tables have now turned as this morning when we arrived Abby’s oxygen levels were back up to 100% and her blood pressure isn’t as stable as we would like, therefore flying Abby commercially is very much out of the picture for a fair while.

    Our only options now are to wait it out over here in Bali- with medical bills stacking up or to get an EVAC which will be $100k+ and could be done in Abby’s condition.

    If anyone has any ideas of how we could possibly raise a little to assist us with the costs for an EVAC it would be a very big help.

    Also what we need is to get Abby awake, we have been playing all the voice recordings and videos sent by all those close to her and we are getting some response so please keep them coming, we understand it feels a bit strange talking into a phone but we believe it is helping Abby a lot. Feel free to private message anything to any one of us and we can play them to her.

    We look forward to hearing ideas and voice recordings, everyone has been such a great help and we are so extremely grateful for all your love and support.

    -The Hartley’s ❤️

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    • 27/08/2018 by Kelly

      Hi guys

      I’m so sorry this is happening to your family

      We went through something very similar 4 years ago with my sister. I have a few ideas send me an email x Kelly

    • 27/08/2018 by Rowena

      Try international SOS . They specialise in recovery and rescue of sick or impaired people in overseas destinations. Your insurance company could also work in partnership with them.

      Details attached:

    • 27/08/2018 by Robyn


      There is a thing doctors can apply to a pharmaceutical company for called “ compassionate access”. Maybe you can get the antibiotic thru “ compassionate access”

      All the best to you all

  • Thursday 23rd August

      23 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Her WBC have come down from 14,000 down 9,900 which means the antibiotics are working for now. She has had very little physio today but doctor said she would have a full physio tomorrow involving getting her up and sitting on the side of the bed. Her temperature is on stable when she has the cooling blanket on her. Mums blood pressure is good being 141/77 and they have taken her off of medication to keep her blood pressure stable. Very minimal response coming from Mum but she occasionally opens her eyes and looks around.

    Thank you everyone for your love and support. ❤️

    - The Hartleys

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  • Wednesday 22nd August

      22 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon to all.

    Things are looking better then they did yesterday. The course of Antibiotics that were given yesterday have made small improvements. Last night her white blood cells shot up to 40,000 which was very alarming. This morning her WBC have gone down to 14,000. This is good but her far from being out of the woods. After 2 more days of these antibiotics we need to get her moving and more active. If we do not get her moving and active Mum is in risk of getting more infections. No dialysis is needed today to filter her blood but is there for back up. Her blood pressure was very unstable last night with number ranging from lows of 75/38 and highs of 115/70 but this morning her blood pressure is 143/71 which is good. So in a nut shell we are testing her limits of medication in what she can achieve with minimal support. After her change of conditions Mum is no where near stable enough to fly anywhere.

    Thank you everyone for your love and support. ❤️

    - The Hartleys

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    • 22/08/2018 by Greg

      We are reading your updates every day. Your family is very strong and your perseverance will pay off. Cheers and love from all of us.

  • Tuesday 21st August

      21 August 2018

    Update to all.

    A bit of a change from yesterday. Mum has had no physio today due to her blood pressure being to low. This is due to the infection that Mum is fighting. The antibiotics we have been using have become immune to the infection. Tonight doctors will give mum a course of a combination of 3 different antibiotics, unfortunately that is the final course they can give her. She is currently stable but only with the support of medication to keep her blood pressure up. She is not stable enough to be moved at all. We will find out some time tomorrow if these new antibiotics are fighting this infection.

    Mum is a strong lady and she is fighting for her life at the moment.

    Thank you everyone for your support so far. ❤️

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  • Monday 20th August

      20 August 2018

    Update to All.

    All stats are stable, except for her temperature is a bit up and down. With an high of 39.4 and a low of 36.5. Her Lungs, kidneys and the liver are all presenting us with no problems and have been given the all clear so far from the doctor. But now Abby has an infection of some sort which we cannot find the source of. She has been on antibiotics for 14 days now and has not been responding to this medication. After 7 days of antibiotics your body starts to become immune to the treatment and this is what seems to have happened with Abby. The next step for finding the source of infection is to proceed with an MRI scan. Previously her breathing pressure has been at 8 but slowly reduced over 3 days to 3. We need this to be at 0 or below to enable Abby to fly home commercial with assistance. Even with mild physio she is still in a deep coma after 5 days without sedation. Time will tell when Abby will come out of a coma.

    Thank you everyone for your amazing support. ❤️

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  • Saturday 18th August

      18 August 2018

    Update to All.

    All stats are very stable at the moment with her temperature coming down to 37.3. She was sat up right for a bit and has had mild physio today with movements in her arms and legs. She is still needing the ventilator with 40% oxygen and 8% pressure. She is breathing well but she has minimal support with the ventilator. In order to fly commercially the ventilator needs to go which means the pressure needs to go bellow 0% for the doctor’s to take it away. We can not tell how long it will be before we can take the ventilator away. She is fit to fly now if we were able to get an air evac.

    Thanks for everyone’s support ❤️

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  • Friday 17th August

      17 August 2018

    Afternoon All

    Abby is looking very stable at the moment with all her levels looking relatively normal. Her temperature was a bit high at 38.0 but this is not alarming. The Tracyotomay has been done today so the nurses have started to move her arms and legs slighty. We are hoping that with these small movements and her sitting in an upright Position this will wake her up and make her more alert. She is responding slightly to our voices but not as much as we want. The long term aim is to try and get her home via a commercial flight with a nurse assistance. But the ultimate goal is to get her home ASAP with an Medical evacuation. As the medical bills even in this general hospital are racking up.

    Thank you everyone for your support ❤️

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    • 18/08/2018 by Megan

      Great to hear she is a little better. Thanks for the updates

  • Thursday 16th August

      16 August 2018

    Hello again!

    Update on mum:

    Mum needs to have a Tromocide transfusion because her tromocide levels are too low and risks of bleeding when doing tracheotomy are high so need the levels to be regulated before they can do the tracheotomy so should be done by tomorrow.

    Doctor reckons she could be in a coma for quite a while.

    Mums temp rose to 39 this morning which doctor said is because her brain isn’t telling her body to regulate its temp but she is keeping all other obs stable and breathing mostly by herself.

    All is just a waiting game now.. getting the tracheotomy, physio, wait for her to wake up when she’s ready.

    Thanks for all the support from everyone I does not go unnoticed from us all 😊

    The Hartley’s ❤️

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  • Wednesday 15th August

      15 August 2018

    Hey everyone!

    Update on mum!

    Dialysis has been taken away as her levels are down to normal and doctors will do another kidney function test tomorrow morning to make sure her kidneys are actually functioning. She is currently waiting for another blood transfusion.

    We have definitely noticed more eye movement today which is so great to see 😊

    Mum is breathing mostly by herself with a little pressure from the respirator.

    Tracheotomy will be done tonight or tomorrow so the doctor can start physio with her and see what kind of damage is done to her brain.

    The Hartley’s 😊

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    • 16/08/2018 by Greg

      Every day a little better. Great to hear, Thank you for your updates.

  • Tuesday 14th August

      14 August 2018

    Morning/Afternoon everyone!

    Update on mum:

    Dialysis is working wonders! Mums Creatinine levels are down from 320 to 163 and her BUN is down from 268 to 150. Judging on these results the doctor is planning to take away the dialysis tomorrow evening. Previously mum was having 4 medications to keep her blood pressure stable and doctor has reduced that to 2 medications at minimal dose. She is being sedated at night to help her sleep and get her into the normal wake/sleep pattern.

    Mum is breathing 100% of the 40% oxygen from the ventilator. Progress!

    If mum still isn’t responsive once the dialysis is finished the doctor will do the tracheotomy so he can sit her up and start physio which will help the brain function.

    All in all, kidney failure is looking better but brain damage is not out of the picture yet.

    She’s fighting so hard, we are extremely proud 😊

    The Hartley’s 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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    • 14/08/2018 by Greg

      Great progress. Good news, thanks for the update.

    • 14/08/2018 by Melanie

      That's good to hear your mum is making progress. Nice to see you got enough funds for her treatment. Well done Abby your a fighter :)

    • 14/08/2018 by Kim

      Guys, we are thinking of you back here at the club and also within the Red family in Hamilton and Auckland and its good to read there is some progress. Every little sign is positive so here's to more positive signs coming your way. YNWA as we say as Reds!


    • 15/08/2018 by Jo

      I am so glad to hear there is progress. My mother suffered septicaemia/toxic shock while travelling in Australia when she was 82. She suffered a cardiac arrest twice, was in ICU for 6 weeks on full sedation with trachy for most of the time. Kidneys shut down so needed dialysis... very similar to Abby's story and therefore something I can relate to. Most of the time we didn't know if she would live or die but she fought hard and lived another 10 very active years with good health apart from needing to be careful of her kidneys. We kept a blog detailing her progress daily as you are doing which meant so much to her later on and she frequently read it as she tried to come to grips with what had happened to her and filled in those lost days. Never give up. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      Jo Kidd

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  • Monday 13th August

      13 August 2018

    Afternoon all!

    Daily update on mum..

    Due to the dialysis for kidney failure mums Creatinine level is down to 320 (previously 500) we need this to be below 100.

    BUN is down to 268 (previously 500) we also need this to be below 100.

    Doctor decided to slightly sedate mum last night as she was keeping her eyes open, which is a good thing. Sedation is mainly to keep her calm and comfortable.

    Mum will not be able to fly for 3+ weeks as she will need physio after the tracheotomy to test and hopefully increase brain function although we are still looking at getting an air ambulance to get her home.

    Thanks for everyone’s lovely messages and donations. $75,000! Amazing! We can’t believe it, it is such a massive help 😊

    The Hartley’s x

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  • Sunday 12-08

      12 August 2018
    Main image


    Bit of a short update today.

    Mums transfer from BIMC Nusa Dua to Badung public hospital went well, nurse said she saw a few tears on the way.

    Mum still isn’t responding that well to commands. She is undergoing her first round of dialysis for the organ failure tonight so hopefully we will see a little more improvement in the morning.

    The Hartley’s ❤️

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    • 12/08/2018 by Libby

      Hang in there sophie, it takes awhile to respond to commands when coming out of a coma due to the drugs they use to keep you in a coma. I think it was around 3 days before I started responding to commands. I'm so happy for you guys that the transfer went well. Stay strong and remember we are all thinking of you guys and sending healing thoughts your way

  • Saturday 11th August

      11 August 2018

    Hello all.

    Daily update on mum:

    White blood cell count is almost back down to normal so septicemia is looking like it’s going to get better. She has got down to 40% oxygen, yay! But she is sometimes only taking in 96% which is still a big improvement.

    Blood pressure and other obs are stable.

    Doctors have taken away all of mums sedation and she is not responding the way they would like her to, this can be due to kidney failure which has shown up on blood tests or because of brain damage due to shock from the septicemia.

    Doctors plans from here on is:

    Stabilize mum and then do dialysis for kidney failure, if after 7 days mum is still not responding then they will do a tracheotomy (tube in her throat) so they can take away the respirator and mobilize her to try and get her brain functioning.

    We are planning on moving her to the government hospital (an hour and a half away) if available as the fees are a little cheaper than the one we are currently in. Luckily the amazing doctor that is treating her currently also works at the government hospital so he will still be dealing with mums case.

    After the dialysis and the tracheotomy we are looking into getting an air ambulance to transfer mum back to NZ and continue her care there which we are looking at NZD$65,000-$75,000 depending on what she needs.

    Once again we would like to thank everyone for your support and donations, we can’t thank everyone enough.

    Also I have had many many questions on the situation with the insurance company. We are not naming the insurance company as of yet and we hope people can respect our decision. The reason behind them declining our claim was because they said the twisted bowel was related to a pre existing medical condition. I will not be answering any more questions regarding the insurance company as this give a little page is about raising money to help our family out with the medical costs and I hope everyone can understand and accept that.

    The Hartley’s 😊

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  • Friday 10th August

      10 August 2018

    Update 10/08:

    Doctors are slowly reducing the sedative that has mum in a coma and she is fluttering her eyes much more. Last night we played mum songs that have meaning to her- mine and her song, her and dads wedding song, her and Tobys song and her and her best friends song. We have also been getting voice recordings from people at home and playing them for her which she is really acknowledging. Myself, Toby and dad all went and had a well needed rest at the hotel last night and came back to the hospital early this morning. When we arrived we gave mum a kiss and a cuddle and said morning and we got two little tears from her eyes, we have never been so happy to see tears from our mum. So that’s the personal update.

    Medical update: Mums blood pressure is stable at 130/88. Heart rate goes up and down but at this stage that is no concern and her temperature is under control. Mum is on day two of her 14 day course of antibiotics for the septicemia but unfortunately we will not know how much they are working until they test her white blood cell count on day 7.

    From myself, Toby, my dad and most importantly my mum we would like to thank everyone so much that has supported, shared and donated to this give a little page. We can’t explain how overwhelmed we are with all your generosity ❤️

    The Hartley’s 😊

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    • 10/08/2018 by Theresa

      So good to get the update. We all thinking of you. The team is all behind you Toby - determined to secure 3 points tomorrow for you and your mum. Stay strong.

      Love to you all

      Mike & Theresa

    • 10/08/2018 by Glen

      The questions on everyone's mind is who is your insurance company, why are they not covering this and what can others learn from your experience?