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Help Allana fight Renal Papillary Cancer

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Renal Papillary Cancer - rare, aggressive, non funded. Allana, just turned 29, single mother of 3, Stage 4 diagnosis.

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  Hawke's Bay

Allana is an amazing mum to three beautiful girls, Ava aged nine, Kora six, and little Ana who is four. As you can imagine, life as a solo mother keeps her on her toes coupled with working part time for the NZ Police Force.

In March 2019 Allana was diagnosed with Papillary Renal Cancer, Stage 2. Major surgery followed to remove her left kidney which a section of the growth had attached itself to.

Unfortunately, her most recent results came as a shock....the cancer has returned to the same area, however it is now at Stage 4! To make matters worse, due to the rarity of this cancer it attracts no all...even though it is an aggressive cancer! Chemotherapy is not effective for this type of cancer and surgery is not an option either.....there is only one avenue with no alternative, a daily tablet called “Sunitinib” at a cost of NZ$10,760.00 for 28 days. This is cycled at 28 days on, 14 days off. This treatment is purely about containment of the prevent it spreading.....affording Allana quality time to spend on her girls.

So, this plea is two sided.....the practical need to cover her medical expenses is the biggest factor.... . the family's reserves will last another 12 weeks before being exhausted. Secondary to her medical costs, is the desire to send Allana and the girls on a holiday whilst she has the relative 'health' to do so. A trip to the Gold Coast is being considered.

This is not a request we make lightly, we do understand that everyone has their own personal

circumstances to tend to so we truly appreciate any amount you can spare.

Lisa Anderson's involvement (page creator)

I am Allana's Aunty and friend. As a fixer I certainly would fix this for Allana and her beautiful girls if I could, but sadly no one can. We are reaching out to help make dreams come true and give the 3 girls some security in their difficult future.

Use of funds

Funds are primarily being raised to cover medication costs, if there was enough to fund a trip for Allana and the girls to go on holiday and just spend time making memories together, that would be fantastic.

Latest update

The next IV round  18 October 2019

Today was the second IV infusion of chemotherapy. This time Allana was seated in the lounge like room where there are a handful of lazyboy type chairs.

The nurses' first priority is to establish a useable vein. This is done quite well by placing a warmed heat pack onto the arm and leaving it there for a few mintues. Heat brings the veins closer to the surface as the body's thermostat tries to regulate the body's heat. As the vein comes close to the skin surface the ambient air helps to cool the blood, that is a simplified description of how it works. Experienced medical professionals then use that bio-reaction to locate and penetrate into an open vein. I am sure of one thing and that is if I were getting a massive toxic drug like chemo into my veins I wouldn't want a restricted flow.

The Chemo is in a 'drip' bag that in turn is paired with a saline drip bag; they merge into the same IV line through a 'Y' connection. The single line then flows through a machine that measures and controls the drug flow into the vein. This takes a full 60min, not bad considering the lady next to her has been there since 8am. It's now 1.30pm. This is a time for Allana just to rest and let the medicine do what it should., rest her eyes and listen to our conversation.

The blood tests are fairly regular, they are used to monitor if there is an adverse affect on Allana's body. As I've written previously it will be a 3 month scan that will tell us anything positive.

We remain positive all the same.

Kind regards,

Team Allana

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    A gorgeous girl who left a lasting impression. Fight hard hun xx Melissa (met you through Julz, Amanda and Lisa) ❤️


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    All the very best.


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$34,351 donated

Given by 339 generous donors in 6 weeks

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