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Aiden and his family really need you! Aiden is a fun loving 20yr old, just starting at life who has just suffered a Traumatic brain injury.

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On Tuesday morning 11 Feb, in Masterton, Aiden had a bad accident at work and was hit on both sides of his head which knocked him unconscious, he did not regain consciousness. He was flown to Wellington ICU in the Westpac Helicopter and they are keeping him in a comma. We’ve been told he has a Traumatic Head Injury and he has a very long road ahead with long hospital stays and then months of Rehabilitation.

If you have a chance to meet Aiden you would like him, he would chat away to you like you’d been mates for years and offer any help he might be able to do for you on the spot. Aiden is a fun loving 20 year old, who works hard and managed to buy his first home last year and has been slowly working away at renovating it ever since. He has a special skill working on cars and is well known for offering to fix anything mechanical for anyone that needs it. Among his talents, he has been playing in photography the last few years and has amazing skill with the camera.

Aiden is lucky in the fact he is very close with his family, still popping home to see his mother Vania, step father Craig, sister Amber, step sister Zara and step brother Jarrod everyday and regular contact and visits with his father Dave in Australia. They even have a family message group and continually chat to each other multiple times a day. Aiden also has some amazing friends which has only become further evident of their friendship during this difficult time, offering help and support for him and his family.

Although at this stage it is early days in Aiden’s fight we could use a little help from each of you. Aiden will need a lot of care and support in future months and as he and his family live in Masterton it means they are stuck in Wellington for the foreseeable future and as any mother knows it doesn’t matter what age your child is, when they need you, you do everything you can to be there - Vania and Craig also have their own jewellery store in Masterton, which Vania works at 5 days a week so she will may not be able to get back to work for months. Unfortunately there are a lot of costs - petrol for 1.45hr drive from Masterton, accommodation, food etc. Aiden also has a mortgage, rates and insurance payments to keep up and there will be his associated costs once he begins his recovery journey.

If you could help one person this week please Give a Little to Aiden and his family, this is going to be a long hard journey for all of them and taking the stress off worrying about how too cope financially and keeping Aiden’s life ticking over until he can get back to living it himself is one of the greatest ways you can help this family right now. Vania and Craig are well know in the Wairarapa for helping out their customers at Showcase Jewellers and being there to lend a hand to their friends and anyone who needs it. Let’s all get together and help them get through this and HELP BRING AIDEN BACK to us!

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I am Aiden’s Aunt, his mother is my sister

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All monies raised will go towards supporting Aiden and his immediate family with Aiden’s mortgage and associated costs, personal and medical needs. And his families travel from Masterton to Wellington Hospital and associated costs

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Aiden’s Awake!  28 February 2020

Posted by: Koren Sutherland

Hey guys, we have some awesome news! Aiden is awake!

On Tuesday night they turned off the coma drugs to see how Aiden would respond and gave him a tracheotomy. This takes the breathing tube out of his mouth and enters through the throat, this is more comfortable for him when he wakes up. He remained in a stable condition so they continued to monitor him off the coma drugs. Wednesday was a quiet day with not much in the way of changes or responses, except a little eye opening and movement as before. But by Thursday morning Aiden was blinking, more eye movement and he responded to some of the nurses commands of blinking a few times. So far today we have even more improvement with some hand squeezing on command, toe wiggling and a lot more facial expressions! These small steps are amazing progress and although this is early days and Aiden will continually be assessed with a long recovery ahead, we are beyond ecstatic that he is improving a little day by day. Please be aware this will be a very slow process for Aiden as he will have to relearn everything again so we are limiting visitors at this time but we will keep you up-to-date as to his progress. Thank you all so much for your support, prayers and positive thoughts, please keep them up 👍💕

Note: Pic attached is the last pic Aiden took of Sunday nights moon 💕

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    Get better soon Aiden.


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    Hoping Aiden gets better soon


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$19,272 donated

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