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I couldn’t put a price on maze my best friend vet costs are now over $20000+ but I love her please help

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Please help Maze she had pyompter explode and then followed pancreatitis resulting in 3 surgeries and vets costs are all ready over $20000+

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Please help with a small donation or just a share would mean so much to Maze and myself every little thing helps

I’m selling a lot of stuff depositing money directly to the vets each week and doing all I can to help reach this goal

all money raised goes directly to the vets as you can see below and this can not be changed by myself

Just a quick Update Maze is home and on a very strict diet witch she doesn’t like very much so no treats for this lady and no playing silly buggers with her two furry friends and vet visits every other day so we are winning but still not out of the woods yet early days but home is good very good so pleased

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to raise funds to cover my beloved 12 year old bull terrier Maze with on going vet bills and recovery my much loved best friend and family member has been at the vets for over two weeks now and it’s taking its toll on both of us

She had a painful pyompter last Monday causing her uterus to explode witch is very rare and dangerous and putting her in very critical condition and after her first surgery to remove her uterus went well and was improving only four days later she starting getting more infections all through her abdomen leading to infections and severe pancreatitis resulting to more surgeries

this has been so very hard to deal with and medical treatment has already amounted to over $12000 (please see pics for confirmation)

she’s undergone 3 surgery hopefully to get well and come home safe and sound as I love her very much we all do

so if anyone can help , even a little bit it would be very much appreciated as my babies mean the world to me and Maze is the oldest and has been in my life for 12years from a baby and I would like her in my life for a lot longer

she has always been there for me helping me deal with depression ptsd anxiety and has played a massive part with my recovery and wellbeing so I’m doing everything I can to see she gets the best treatment possible and everything she needs to recovery and come home

it has taken a toll on both Maze and I I’m very worried tied and stressed but we are both fighting to win this battle there’s been lots of tears ups and downs sleepless night back and forth phone calls and visits

Me and my two other bull terriers miss maze so much but as from tomorrow I will not be able to help her which is very upsetting and distressing she is family and my best friend, she is truly a loving and precious wee girl

this hasn’t been my first visit to vets this year my beloved big boy Patrick swallowed a corn cob causing his intestine to become blocked and almost the loss of he’s life resulting in an intense surgery and a vet bill of over $4000 but I love Patrick he’s my big softy he’s now doing well and has made a full recovery and is missing Maze and helping take care of Russia my wee 5 and half month bullie lots of trouble lol

so if anyone can help please do my vet bills have exceeded more than $20000 for the year and still climbing,refer to pics and I have six months to come up with the funds thanks to my great team of vets and management understanding and help Maze will need on going treatment to recover and get back to her normal self the boss of the house and every little bit counts great or small or even a share and just tell your friends spread the word

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story thank you

From Matt , Maze and family

I really hope you see I’m not looking for hand outs and I’m doing everything and anything I can think of to achieve this goal

My vet costs and treatment is $20000 to date see pics for confirmation

I’m also selling all sorts of stuff to raise money to help Maze with her recovery and vet bills so if you are looking to donate you can also buy snd get something in return

It’s easy just look me up in Facebook market place (Matt Rooster) and see if there’s anything you may like I’m doing all I can to see Maze not only gets better and every thing she needs also pay my massive vet bill every thing sold and every dollar made will go towards this and if you have something lying around you would like to donate and be sold to help please feel free to message me through Facebook

Matt Rooster every little thing helps thank you

And if you or know of any companies businesses that would like to donate help or sponsor Maze please let them know in return I will post your support here and every share and post on social media I will also be more than happy for you to meet Maze get some photos of you and her together your business she would love to meet all supporters and friends

Supports will be posted below and pictures in updates

All so an very big thank you to the team at rangiora vet clinic for your support and taking such good care of not just Maze but also myself I love you all and can never thank you enough for all you have done and the generous discount and believing in me and my feelings for Maze

everyone has given Maze A1 treatment there’s been tears ups and downs for all involved but we are getting there thank you so much I know she has become a bit of celebrity with everyone and we will be forever greet full feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions or concerns about Maze Tritt

all funds raised are setup to go straight to the vets account as agreed by myself givealittle and RVC Rangiora I have no control over this and can not be changed

All facts stated are true and correct

Feel free to ask any questions you may have raise any concerns or just to a hello maybe you have a great idea that may help I’m happy receive these and will reply as soon as I can

A big Thank you to everyone involved

Any remaining funds will go towards Maze Patrick’s and Russia’s future costs and needs and something for the amazing team of people at rangiora vet centre

Thank you all

Mazes supporters :

The team at Rangiora vet centre

Tove paranihi owner of Hair in woodend

Use of funds:

All loving donations and funds raised for Maze will go directly towards Mazes recovery and vet costs it is to paid directly to rangiora vet centre as agreed by those involved

Any extra funds will go towards Maze’s recovery and anything else Maze Patrick and Russia may need in the future

Thank you very much Matt,Maze and family

Page created by:

Matthew Tritt


All funds raised benefit:


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Rangiora Vet Centre on behalf of Maze.
“Hope that Maze is feeling better soon! Sending lots of love to you both x”
“Wishing you and your dog's all the best”
“Wishing you, Maze and family the best.”
“Hope all goes well for you two”
“Wishing Maze a speedy recovery and many more years with her dad and the rest of the family. Praying for you!”
“Wishing you all the best”
“Poor pup”
“Best of luck we hope for a fully recovery! Love the bully”
“Good Luck”
“Best wishes for a speedy recovery”
  • $2,143.00 donated
  • 84 generous donors

$2,143 donated


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