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  • CONTACT     8 August 2019

    I have now contacted all the newspapers in NZ asking them to help by informing their readers of our fund raising to bring Nathan home to NZ. Next task is to contact all the main NZ magazines.

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  • NATHAN "GUARDING THE GOAL"     5 August 2019

    Nathan, Dixie and I enjoying playing together shortly before I traveled to the Philippines.

    Most of my furniture etc is already removed as the property will soon be tenanted.

    Hoping Nathan will be reunited with us in this beautiful environment around June 2020.

    Please give generously so this is achieved.

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  • MOVING HOUSE     25 July 2019

    We have been very busy transferring to our new house and now Nathan is in a much happier place where he has a much larger area to roam in and isn't tied up. He is also out of sight from people who might be tempted to steal or poison him ( yes, that also happens ). He is such a loving and trusting boy, nothing seems to faze him and he never complains. The hair he lost is slowly growing back, but now we must inspect him for ticks daily as they abound at this time of year, and use Frontline + to combat them. I appreciate your suggestions and encouragement and intend to contact further media people who may publicize our cause. Any further suggestions would be very welcome.

    Kind Regards,

    Graeme, Nathan, and family.

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  • NATHAN'S BOYS     1 July 2019
    Main image

    My stepson CB (pink shirt) and his cousin JP are great pals with Nathan. They slowly became confident around him, not easy for children who have been taught to avoid dogs because being bitten can be fatal if the dog carries rabies. They occasionally enjoy walking with Nathan and they also swim together.

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  • NATHAN HAVING FUN     13 June 2019

    Sorry about the amateur video, I'll do better in future.

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  • Puzzle "who is the stupidest"     9 June 2019
    Main image

    I didn't realize the puzzle in my previous update didn't

    include the question "who is the stupidest?".

    There's no "right" answer but my vote goes to 1 who is happily leaving his fate in the hands of someone else.

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    Main image

    Thank you all for your ideas about promoting Nathans situation. great motivation which I'm acting on after a time when I felt anxious and despondent. We had a health scare with Nathan when he quite suddenly lost hair, mostly from his legs and ears (he looked pretty shabby). After a google search seemed to identify the cause we purchased medication on line (no vets around here) and the hair has begun to grow back. I'l take some photos when he looks his handsome self again!

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    Hi everyone, The question constantly on my mind is " How can people donate if they haven't heard about our situation?" If you know of ways to promote our page please let me know. I have contacted NZ media, organisations, and companies with limited success, and can only keep trying, not easy from overseas. Thank you for your support, Graeme and Nathan.

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  • IS NATHAN EXCEPTIONAL???     15 May 2019
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    I realized I haven't said much about Nathan. I've had companion dogs all my life, each different and special in their own way. In my opinion Nathan IS exceptional. When living at Takahue Nathan had freedom to enjoy my lifestyle block unrestrained, here we must keep him confined to protect him from the busy highway a few metres away. He seems to understand, never complains, and at least he can enjoy watching all the wonders of local life here! He is a friend to everyone, human, cat or dog he meets on his daily walks and understands NEVER to walk on the road, therefore having him on a lead is unnecessary. Thank you all for your help toward achieving our goal to return Nathan home to NZ.

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  • HAVING FUN     2 May 2019
    Main image

    Nathan enjoying his two favourite activities, swimming and retrieving. Hard to believe that when I adopted him he had never experienced the beach and was frightened by tiny wavelets. This beach is a 30 minute drive from our home in Barobo-we travel there by tricycle which is a motorbike with a sidecar ! (see gallery for "activity" photo)

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  • FIRST STAGE ACHIEVED     25 April 2019
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    Thanks to your support we can already fund the first stage of Nathan's journey. This is a 3 hour road trip from our Barobo home to the nearest regional airport at Butuan. The flight from there to Manila takes about an hour. At Manila an export agent will ensure all Nathans vet checks and documents are in order and check him in for his flight to K.L. Of course this won't actually happen until DECEMBER 2019, I'm just letting you know how your donations will help. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

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