Help Chris Robinson get to the UK to find treatment for Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer

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Help Chris Robinson with his treatment for stage 3 Colorectal Cancer to prevent it from spreading further.

Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty

One of the Tauranga Music Sux originals, Chris Robinson is in need of our help. The creator of the T.M.S Show, countless music videos and himself a former member of the Flaming Teabags, Diehards of Deep Dish and Slob has been diagnosed and undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer since June of 2023.

He is dealing with stage 3, aggressive, metastasized colorectal cancer. After having done 6 months of Chemotherapy he has been left with nerve damage and no reduction of the tumours from this treatment. Due to continually being refused life saving surgery (because of no improvements) his options remain uncertain. While there has been good results for some patients on immunotherapy drugs, these are not funded in NZ and cost an absolute fortune privately. The UK has a variety of funded drugs for immunotherapy and public surgery and it is here Chris hopes to go to progress his treatment as his options in NZ are closing and chances of the Cancer spreading and developing into stage 4 grow with each passing day. As Chris is a British passport holder with a Father there, he plans to relocate with his partner Jess to undertake the treatments that could be life saving.

The last year of being unable to work has eaten through a large portion of Chris and Jess’s savings and therefore they need our help to raise enough money to relocate to the UK.

Please give what you can. All donations are appreciated!

Austin Cunningham's involvement (page creator)

Chris and I have been friends since 2013 and worked on countless music projects together.

Use of funds

Flights and relocation costs, plus, medical costs once they are there.

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Chris memorial concert   25 April 2024

Thank you all so very much for your unbelievable kindness and donations. So thankful to all of you.

We are staging a memorial concert for Chris under the Tauranga Harbour Bridge this Sunday with performances by some of his bands. Starting at 12pm. Come help us remember him.

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Mariella on 28 Apr 2024
Sending love ❤️
Woodcock on 27 Apr 2024
Thanks for being part of our fun x
Ian on 27 Apr 2024
Hope this helps a little
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Guest Donor on 25 Apr 2024
Gail on 23 Apr 2024
Deepest love

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