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Please help CultureSafe NZ Ltd meet legal fees (currently $131,617.60) and win the fight against workplace bullying.

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Help CultureSafe NZ Ltd raise funds to meet legal & other costs associated with litigation before the Employment Court.

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Allan's legal bill, for only the Turuki Healthcare case, so far is up to $131,617.60, of which $38,584.38 has been paid. Thanks, to those of you to those of you who have donated $9,821 to this Givealittle page. Another lawyer has been acting for Allan in the other two cases and she will be looking to recover her costs from the two employers, i.e. the Bay of Plenty DHB and an organisation, whose name has been suppressed (to RPW) by Employment Relations Authority (ERA).

Allan was a Nominee for the New Zealander of the Year Awards 2019 & 2020 because of the tireless work he does with CultureSafe NZ Ltd on behalf of bullied New Zealand workers. CultureSafe NZ Ltd is a small Hamilton based company that is New Zealand’s leading anti workplace bullying organisation that does 90% of its work on a no win no fee basis because the majority of our clients are low income. The sole Director and shareholder Allan Halse works approximately 100 hours per week for about $5 per hour.

CultureSafe NZ Ltd is a threat to bad employers who breach the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, by failing to provide a safe working environment for their workers. Three employers have recently attempted, by committing the organisation to expensive litigation, to close the organisation down.

These three organisations have unlimited access to taxpayer funds (from the health budget) to use to bankrupt Allan and to liquidate CultureSafe NZ Ltd.

Allan's income last year was $25,000 and we believe that the lawyers representing these bad employers are being publicly funded from the health budget to the tune of more than $575,000 - see below:

Case 1. In the Bay of Plenty DHB case, we believe external lawyers had been paid $275,000 to 31 March 2020 to defend the case against Ana Shaw and Allan.

Case 2. We believe Sam Hood's law firm has been paid over $100,000 in the case EMPC 152/2018 - EMPC 84/2019 - H and C v RPW

Case 3. We believe that Anthony Drakes law firm has been paid more that $200,000 in the case CultureSafe NZ Limited and other(s) v Turuki Healthcare Services Charitable Trust.

Turuki Healthcare's publicly funded lawyer Anthony Drake lodged proceedings with the High Court in March 2020 to bankrupt Allan when Anthony Drake knew the Employment Court hearing was due to take place on 2, 3 & 4 June 2020. Despite the Employment Court hearing, Turuki Healthcare are still attempting to bankrupt Allan.

Allan has defended his right (and the right of his clients) to freedom of speech and Allan will go to jail before he give into bullying by unethical employers, their unethical lawyers and Authority members who have acted outside their jurisdiction by (illegally) imposing non publication/suppression orders.

There have been Employment Court hearings (Judge Perkins – EMPC 152/2018 - EMPC 84/2019 - H and C v RPW) - 20 November 2019), (Judge Holden - CultureSafe NZ Limited and other(s) v Turuki Healthcare Services Charitable Trust - 2, 3 & 4 June 2020) and (Judge Corkill - EMPC 49/2019 Bay of Plenty DHB v CultureSafe NZ Ltd and Ana Shaw- 29 June 2020).

Abuse survives in secrecy and the three Employment Judge's have been advised by my lawyers that the ERA have acted unlawfully by trying to restrict Allan's right, under section 14 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, to freedom of speech. No decisions have yet been released in any of those cases.

Note by client who set up this Givealittle page.

I have set this fundraiser up with Allan's (reluctant) acceptance after numerous requests from followers on Facebook who wish to donate and help support his cause. As a victim of workplace bullying myself, I feel very strongly about the amazing work Allan is doing on behalf of other victims, including a friend of mine who was bullied at the same workplace as me. The lasting impact of this can be catastrophic for the victims and their families. My own family decided to move away from the lovely town where we lived as I could not find new work after I left that job, we could no longer afford our house and the strain on myself, my partner and our children was too much.

Please contribute if you can or share this Givealittle page with your social networks so Allan can continue to fight the good fight against systemic and entrenched behaviour in NZ workplaces.

Culturesafe NZ's involvement (page creator)

CultureSafe NZ Ltd is a small Hamilton based company that is New Zealand’s leading anti workplace bullying organisation.

Use of funds

The purpose of this Givealittle page is to raise funds to meet legal and other costs associated with litigation before the Employment Court relating to orders made against CultureSafe NZ Ltd, Allan and an employee.

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Auckland ERA and workplace bullying.  15 March 2019

Posted by: Culturesafe NZ

CultureSafe NZ Ltd continues to campaign for the rights of bullied workers to be safe in their workplaces which is actually a legal right under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Sadly the Auckland ERA continues to support bullying employers and an Authority member, has fined CultureSafe NZ Ltd Director Alan Halse $52,000 to speaking publicly about their 13 clients (4 of whom experienced suicide ideation).

They have incorrectly claimed that Allan had breached a 5 March 2018 MBIE confidential settlement. Allan didn't and because he didn't he has maintained that the 13 non-publication orders that they were illegal and he continued to speak out about the bullying.

Allan will have additional legal costs to continue CultureSafe NZ Ltd's campaign against workplace bullying in New Zealand.

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