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  • Some insights into stories about Polio

      21 June 2022
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    Thank you to all who have supported this short Papanui Rotary fundraiser to help toward the elimination of Polio. The initiative is progressing very nicely.

    Some donors have shared their family Polio stories. They are sad when you think the impact this has had on so many people in NZ. You can see them if you read through the donors on the Give a Little page.

    Others (who didn’t donate) sent comments saying that they thought Polio had already been eliminated world-wide. Sadly this is not the case. We’re close but still some cases appearing in a few countries.

    If you search “End Polio Now” on the internet you will be able to read some fascinating stories about this project which has been running for over 30 years.

    The initial burst of Polio worldwide was tackled by the Government in NZ in the 1950s. All us oldies had a Polio vaccination at school. In those days there didn’t seem to be any consent you just went to school one day and everyone was vaccinated. The photo attached to this update is form the Polio NZ website. This is a good reflection of addressing the issue in the 1950s.

    See also the video link to the “We are this close to eliminating Polio” video.

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