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Help extend Jeremys Life- Brain Cancer - Updates - Givealittle

  • 3rd May 2019     3 May 2019
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    Jeremy Update:

    Thank you thank you to everyone who’s shared and donated. Jeremys currently having his first treatment of Avastin! So far it is going well and we are hoping to be able to lower his steroids in a few weeks!


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  • 2nd May 2019     2 May 2019
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    Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated and shared! We appreciate it so much!

    Jeremy has been doing well on the steroids and other than being tired he’s doing great! Jeremy will be starting Avastin Friday and it will be once every second week!

    We don’t have final costs yet but will be around $25,000. We are sooo close but please if you haven’t already or don’t mind doing it again, please share the give a little page and donate if you can!

    Starting Avastin will get Jeremy off steroids and therefore have less symptoms and better quality of life so we are really looking forward to him starting it!

    We are getting a family trip paid for by White Matter Brain Trust to Queenstown early June which we can’t wait for!

    Thanks again everyone! Xx

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  • 20th April 2019     20 April 2019
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    Update on Jeremy:

    Unfortunately a few days ago Jeremy got admitted to hospital and after a MRI we now know the reasons for his decline. His brain tumour is aggressively growing despite recent Chemo and Radiation.

    He has now stopped all treatments.

    We are limited to what’s left to do now and he may not be with us much longer.

    But we are still able to try Avastin. But because this drug is unfunded we need help to raise the money. This drug will help give him better quality of life he has left. Please please if you haven’t already please help donate. Even if it’s $1. Or even a share. We need the help now!

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