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Raising funds to help Afghans who worked to build human rights, democracy and equality in their country flee the Taliban and find safety.


I'm a New Zealand human rights advocate who lived and worked in Afghanistan from 2005-2008. I went to Afghanistan because I know that most people (in Afghanistan and in New Zealand) want to build a future where where all children can learn and play and have the opportunity to live the lives they want and deserve. During the time was there, I worked with many brave, hopeful Afghan people who shared those values and that vision, and who were doing all they could to build a free, fair, safe future for themselves and their children.

Today, as I sit here safely in New Zealand, they are fleeing their homes to stay alive. The Taliban are retaking control of the country and the people who worked hardest to build human rights, equality and democracy are at the greatest risk. People who built schools for girls, started human rights organisations, contributed to a free and independent media, took part in the creative arts - all of them are now targets.

These good people need our help. They need our political support, so please write to the Prime Minister to ask her to put pressure on the international community to act in support of the people of Afghanistan. But we can also help directly, they need money to get away from the Taliban to safety. Please donate if you can.

The photo on this page is one I took of a woman at a World Food Program centre 15 years ago. I chose it because you can't seen her face, and I don't no where she is today and this campaign won't be able to help her specifically. But the money raised through this campaign will help the people who ran programmes to help woman like this. Many of those people are at great risk now, because the Taliban target people who worked with international organisations including the UN. Your donation can help people who took risks to help others over the past decades.

Marianne Elliott's involvement (page creator)

I used to live and work in Afghanistan, and will transfer this money to a trusted Afghan friend who will distribute it to families who need it.

Use of funds

The money will be transferred to families in Afghanistan who need to flee their homes to remain safe from the Taliban.

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Latest update

Messages of thanks from Afghanisatn  4 December 2021

Kia ora everyone,

Today we have some more detailed reports about where the money had already been distributed in Afghanistan and some thank you messages.

So far $10,500 NZD has been distributed in Herat and Kabul cities. This amount was distributed to the following people (86 people in total) experiencing poverty:

· Former female schoolteachers.

· Former female school janitors.

· Widows of former Afghan security forces .

· Female manual labor workers.

· Families awaiting evacuations who have left their own homes and cities and reside in big cities with no income.

· Paid for passports of two families with four kids each who want to flee Afghanistan so their daughters can get an education and have a future. They had left everything behind in Herat, are out of jobs, and are in Kabul until they find a way to flee Afghanistan.

· Several people living in the streets of Kabul due to poverty.

Here is what one of our volunteer distributors told me:

“When I called them (janitors, teachers, and others), and shared with them that we will be helping them, it was like we gave them the whole world. Every single one of them expressed their gratitude and prayers to you and to the people of New Zealand. If you see the living condition of some of these people, you will be horrified. It’s beyond imagination how some of these people manage to survive with the very little they have. May God bless and protect all of you.”

The equivalent of $5012 NZD has also been distributed in La’al and Sarjangal of Ghor province.

Here is a voice message from our contact who helped us get the money to the poor there:

“Today I was happy and fortunate to receive $3400 USD and successfully transferred the money to La’al and Sarjangal and Ghor province. It’s an amount that allows us to support a good number of families there. We will support at least seventeen families. Many, many thanks to the people of New Zealand for reaching out to families that are desperate to find their next meal. Each family will have enough to eat at least for the next two months.”

I’ll send you more updates as we have them.

With gratitude,

Marianne on behalf of my Afghan friends and collaborators

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