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Help get Laurie Ross to the World Beyond War Conference

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Please support Laurie Ross of NZ Peacemakers to attend the World Beyond War Conference in Toronto, Canada,Sept 21-22.

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United Nations General Assembly High Level Plenary Meeting Promoting the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 26th Sept. 2018

The Peace Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand and the United Nations Association NZ have both declared support for Laurie Ross to attend as an NGO observer at this UN event in New York.

Laurie is honoured to be able to support NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons ceremony.

She is with other NZ civil society representatives- Alyn Ware the Peace Foundation and UNA NZ International permanent Rep. and Liz Remmerswaal the NZ Coordinator of 'World Beyond War'

In addition, this NZ delegation will be contributing to the 'World Beyond War' Conference in Toronto, Canada 21st Sept. which provides a unifying platform for peace and environmental organisations working to stop the culture of warfare.

Laurie has dedicated her life to peacework that promotes alternatives to warfare, organising Auckland Peace City cultural events and meetings with high level speakers.

She bases her work on the the principles of the United Nations Charter 'to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war...' and pursues this through public education and political action for development of Defence and Foreign policy over 37 years. She works closely with the Peace Foundation International Affairs and Disarmament Committee in communication with MPs in an advocacy role.

She worked with her father Larry Ross who established the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Peacemaking Association 1981-2007 that spearheaded the campaign which achieved the goal of the NZ Nuclear Free Zone Disarmament and Arms Control Act 1987.

In 2017 she coordinated the Nuclear Free Zone NZ30th anniversary event with the Peace Foundation featuring Auckland Mayor for Peace and leaders from all political parties.

The public formed a giant human peace symbol as a message of support for the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) agreed to by NZ with 122 nations in July 2017 and now ratified by New Zealand July 2018.

She is effective in cultivating national civic pride and commitment to disarmament based on

United Nations Treaties and Resolutions.

She is now focussed on pursuing 'Securing Our Common Future: an Agenda for Disarmament' launched by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres 24th May 2018. It is vital for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals of social and environmental well-being for humanity.

This is an expansion of Goal #16 Peace and Security which calls for dramatic reduction of conventional warfare and military weapon production, which is necessary for global security and to fulfil the United Nations Charter.

People are encouraged to support her financially in order that she may contribute to the growing international movement for a 'World Beyond War' and continue this work on behalf of civil society, the Peace Foundation and the United Nations.

More info: contact

Use of funds:

Funds will be used to help pay for travel, accommodation and conference costs.

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Stephanie McKee


I have known Laurie Ross for over 40 years and she is a dedicated worker for nuclear disarmament and peace. She works also with the NZ Peace Foundation and was very involved with the successful campaign for Nuclear Free New Zealand resulting in our Nuclear Free legislation in 1987. She would make an excellent NZ representative at this World Beyond War conference ( and I want to support her efforts to attend.

All funds raised benefit:

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of New Zealand Peace Makers.
“Wishing you all the best for a fabulous conference visioning for a future without war!”
“The late great Larry Ross, originally from Canada, may be proud of the message his daughter Laurie takes back to Toronto to share with the world.”
“Kia kaha to haerenga/strength for your journey Laurie”
“It is my absolute pleasure to support Laurie Ross in getting to the World Beyond War Conference in Toronto. She is such a passionate, long-time activist for supporting a more peaceful world.”
“go well Laurie, you will be an awesome ambassador for us all and a great chance to meet other kindred spirits”
“Kia kaha Laurie! You will be an excellent NZ representative at the Beyond War Conference.”
  • $1,001.00 donated
  • 13 generous donors

$1,001 donated


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