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Help us keep the hope-filled message and history of Jesus and his influence within the public's view at Easter, this year and beyond!



Many have noticed that public media becoming increasingly silent about the distinctly Christian heritage that sits behind Christmas and Easter. Significant aspects of our nation’s own cultural heritage and history are being ignored also. Almost ironically, many in our society are concurrently struggling to find hope - which these histories are full of.


Hope Project therefore exists to share messages of hope - mostly (though not only) from a Christian viewpoint. It also exists to maintain awareness and knowledge of our own history as a nation connected with our national values, our biculturalism, and these cultural festivals.

The public website for the project is

The first Hope Project media effort was in 2014, and the Easter effort has continued almost annually since then.


Public engagement with the respectful yet clear-thinking tone of the media has been overwhelmingly positive, and considerable in scale. Some find hope. Some are encouraged in faith. Some simply appreciate the history stories. And local churches in each place find encouragement friendship and new learning through the process also.

- COMING UP IN 2021 -

The Easter media effort will run again at Easter 2021. ‘Hope Project Christmas’ will also happen again - though this involves very little public media (beyond digital). The focus is instead on encouraging a general return of Nativity Scenes to public view.

The most significant new addition to these efforts in 2020 was the changing of the delivery system from paid to volunteer-based in the largest 70 cities and towns nationally. The process of this included many benefits, and was warmly received. This dynamic therefore continues in 2021.


We need your help to achieve this multifaceted work - that includes not only significant engagement with public audiences, but also year-long networking and equipping amongst church communities nationally. Thank you.

About us

Shining Lights Trust exists to help the wider Church in its work through bringing fresh innovation, strategy and resource to the table. 'Hope Project', '10 Day Challenge' and ‘All Together’ are some of the areas of our work.

Use of funds

These contributions are specific to help fund the Hope Project Easter and Hope Project Christmas annual public media efforts.

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Looking ahead for Hope Project  28 October 2020

Thank you for your ongoing contributions as these are specifically to help fund the Hope Project Easter and Hope Project Christmas annual public media efforts.

Year upon year feedback is very positive, and we are pleased with the efforts.

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