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Help Hilary buy time with Ibrance for Stage 4 breast cancer

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Raising funds to enable partner, mother and popular University academic Hilary Chung to access Ibrance to prolong her life

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Having metastatic breast cancer (Mets or Stage 4) means that cancer that evolved in the breast has spread to other parts of the body. Its favoured places are bones, lungs, liver and brain. (In my case it’s spread extensively through my bones and my liver.) There is no cure. It is terminal. Thankfully many women who get diagnosed with breast cancer often remain clear after treatment for years or for the rest of their lives and this makes it harder for people to understand that Mets is different. This site gives more detail about what it is like to live with Mets:

People with Mets rely on oncology to stay alive. The drugs that are available work by containing the cancer and stopping its spread or slowing it right down. But they only work for a certain period of time. After that there is a gradual decline and people with this diagnosis can only expect a prognosis of two or three years. There is now a new drug that will double the ‘progression free period’ for those with hormone receptor positive metastatic breast cancer. (That’s me). It’s called Ibrance. Unfortunately in New Zealand this drug is unfunded.

Recently a petition was brought to Parliament asking for drugs like Ibrance to be funded by

Pharmac. See the link to the NZ Herald’s coverage here:

Like the women profiled there I am hoping for as much time as possible with my family. I also love my job at the university and want to keep making a difference to students’ lives and working with my colleagues for as long as I can. I have established a new degree programme - the Bachelor of Global Studies. It’s the only one of its kind in New Zealand. The first undergraduate cohort completed their first year in 2018 and applications are very strong for 2019. I want to stay well to be able to continue to grow this programme, see the first students graduate, see the masters in Global Studies established, to continue to teach global citizenship and intercultural understanding to the next generation of Kiwis. There is still so much to do....

I am doing all I can to maintain my life. I recognize the importance of diet and exercise in keeping my body as healthy as possible so it can fight the cancer. I eat a super healthy vegetarian diet, I paddleboard, do Pilates and bike to work and for pleasure: I am arguably fitter than I have been for many years. Still, the time I have left is very dependent on the drug I need.

Pfizer, the makers of Ibrance, offer a deal: patients pay $6000 a month for eleven months and after that the drug is supplied without further payment.

So I’m asking for your help. I have to find $66,000.

If you were able to contribute financially I would be forever grateful.

Thank you for reading to the end. Words cannot express my gratitude for any help you are able to give.

Use of Funds:

Funds will be used to pay for Ibrance

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To raise funds to pay for the unfunded drug Ibrance to prolong the life of a beloved partner, mother and popular academic who has changed the lives of countless students.

All funds raised benefit:

Hilary Chung


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Hilary Chung.

“Love and support from Jean and Rob”
“All the best... Hugs”
“Dear Hilary, even though I just met you in person once at a conference at Otago, I am deeply impressed by how committed you are to your students and your research. I can tell that you are a brave warrior that is so deeply loved by so many people. Please stay strong and keep fighting! Hugs.”
“Dear Hilary, you have been such a strong, supportive teacher and you are going to be all right. And I want you to see me graduate. Best wishes!”
“Fight on!”
“Despite your illness, you have been seeing us and supporting our studies with all your heart. You'll see us all graduate with a proud doctorate!!!”
“Fight on!”
“All the best.”
“Wishing you and your family all the very best, Hilary!”
“Dear Hilary, your vibrancy and positivity in the face of this challenge is amazing. I sincerely hope that Ibrance enables you to continue your work at the university and enjoy time with your partner and daughter. You deserve every day you get and much more.”
  • $55,800.00 donated
  • 323 generous donors

$55,800 donated


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