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Hamilton, Waikato

As some of you already know, Jayden has been bravely battling stage 3 bowel cancer for the past 10 months. It's been a huge and tiresome journey for him as he has gone through rounds of aggressive chemo and radiation treatments. Throughout his treatment he has maintained the most amazing, positive attitude with very little complaints. When possible, he has continued working part time and helping to provide for his family however with constant hospital appointments and feeling so unwell, this hasn't been easy for him - not to mention the permanent nerve damage he has been left with in his hands and feet. He's now very recently had bowel surgery to remove a portion of his bowel and the surrounding lymph nodes and still faces yet more chemo and another surgery later this year.

With the cost of living being so high and Jayden's inability to work for some time, living on his wife Kristyn's wage has become very hard. This is causing huge amounts of stress for poor Jayden and his family especially when they already have so much to deal with. It would be so helpful if he could focus all his energy into his health and recovery so he has a good chance of beating this awful disease. Let's do what we can to support Jayden in his time of need!

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Jayden is my older brother

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day to day living costs while he is out of action.

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Chemo update  28 March 2024

Hey Everyone ,

Once again thank you all so much for your generous donations, it has meant so much to Jayden and his family. I thought it might be a great time to give you all an update. Jayden is now 10 weeks post op and although he developed a nasty infection he is now recovering really well. Today his Chemo journey starts again and hopefully this does the trick and blasts those remaining cancer cells. He seems in good spirits but I guess he will have to wait and see how much this treatment knocks him round. Have a great Easter everyone and again, thank you all for your kindness and well wishes for Jayden.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Apr 2024
Hopefully it’s not too hardcore …. I know the treatment process is horrible, Love from us over the ditch
Cherie Page

Thanks guys flick me a msg (Jayden)

Cherie Page
Natalie on 01 Apr 2024
Cherie Page

Thank you

Cherie Page
Richie on 29 Mar 2024
Cherie Page

Thanks Ritchie means alot. (Jay)

Cherie Page
Esther on 28 Mar 2024
Sending hugs and praying for a full recovery.
Cherie Page

Thank you

Cherie Page
Ange on 28 Mar 2024
All the best Xx. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Cherie Page

Thank you. (Jay)

Cherie Page

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