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Help Justine and Nadia raise money for Mental Health in Gaza

  • Important update- Where EXACTLY is the money going?

      28 October 2018

    Wow. First of all, we’re floored with the outpouring of generosity and support this has received. We not only exceeded our target, we exceeded it by over 300%

    Secondly, we have an important update on exactly where the money you’ve all shared with love will be going.

    Rather than sending the money through the US based foundation, we’ve been able to establish a direct link with their partner organisations in Gaza. Meaning we can send the $$ straight there, saving on both unnecessary transfer fees (x2) and time.

    We want to be clear, these are the exact same organisations the money has always been intended for- just direct! We’re stoked about this.

    Upon some consultation with the people directly involved we’ve decided to send the money to the three grassroots organisations that focus their empowerment and mental health work on women and children specifically. The impacts of military aggression are felt deeply by children and their mothers, and these smaller organisations have the least resource but are doing some incredible work. They are called Aisha, Wefaq and Al Zahraa. They are led by some amazing women and they’re each based in a different part of the Gaza Strip (Gaza city, Rafah and Al Burej Refugee Camp respectively) meaning the money will be spread across several communities in Gaza. We will be dividing the money equally between the three organisations.

    Thanks you for trusting us with your donations and good will. We’ve carried that immense responsibility with a lot care and thought. We’re humbled.

    We’ll continue to keep you updated.


    Nadia & Justine

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  • Update on 72 hours

      15 October 2018

    Kia ora,

    Justine updates us on the latest progress as well as the fact we are considering making the cut off point for donations the end of this month so that we can get money to the organisations as soon as possible. Still plenty of time to donate. Thank you all

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  • Update- 10k in 24 hours!

      13 October 2018

    Kia ora e te whānau ,

    Hello everyone. A quick update from Justine and I on the incredible progress so far. Thank you thank you

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