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Help Magda, mum of two, meet medical expenses

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Please help support Magda as she faces considerable medical expenses in Mexico due to kidney failure. Her children need her.

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Magda is a 27 year old woman living in a very small town in Mexico, San Francisco, Nayarit (known as San Pancho). With her husband David, she has two beautiful children: Israel age 5 and Victoria age 2. Magda is very smart, cares deeply for her family and her community, especially children, and finds strength in her strong catholic faith.

Since her daughter was born, Magda has experienced health challenges and 5 months ago was in hospital with kidney failure. Currently, her health is stable, but it is reliant on traveling three times a week in Nuevo Vallarta (35km away) for dialysis treatment, and will have to do so the rest of her life unless she gets a kidney transplant. Her husband and uncle are willing potential donors.

The Mexican healthcare system is complex. Currently, Magda has medical insurance through David's job cleaning swimming pools, but employment is tenuous and highly seasonal in San Pancho. When the tourists leave during the summer, so do the income opportunities. If David loses his job, Magda will likely be without insurance and unable to pay for medication, dialysis (currently NZ$224 a session), or for the transplant itself.

There are few employment opportunities in San Pancho. Magda has always worked in childcare, and recently has been quite entrepreneurial selling cookies and salads, but she is now too ill to ride her bike to do the deliveries. She travels by bus to the dialysis treatments, accompanied by David as she is too weak to travel alone.

We aim to raise NZ$20,000 towards Magda's expenses for dialysis, medical tests and appointments, medication, and associated costs. This sum would be literally life saving, and well beyond what the locals could fundraise - I estimate it is about 4 times a typical annual income.

Use of Funds:

All funds raised will be sent directly to Magda for medical expenses and associated costs related to her kidney failure.

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Alex Thompson


Magda was our nanny when we lived in Mexico, and she is absolutely wonderful.

All funds raised benefit:

Magdalena Castellanos Ruiz

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Alex Thompson on behalf of Magdalena Castellanos Ruiz.

  • $1,624.00 donated
  • 10 generous donors

$1,624 donated



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