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Help Matt, 34 years old fight stage 4 gastric cancer!

9 days ago

Kieran asks

Hi Belinda, we have a crib at Jacks Bay in the Catlins which we can make available for Matt and family to use at any time. Sleeps up to 7 people. Email me for more info if you like.


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12 days ago

Kylie asks

Hi Belinda, my name is Kylie and I am so sorry to hear about Matts diagnosis.

I work for a charity called TimeOut. We connecting generous holiday homeowners all around the country who are willing to donate a stay to a person diagnosed with an incurable illness so that they can connect & make special memories with family & friends.

TimeOut stays are currently on hold for regions under Level 3 lockdown, but we are still able to facilitate them in other regions.

If your family are interested in applying or just want to find out more, we would love so help. You can apply online at or email with any questions.

Take care



Hi Kylie,

Thank you so much for making contact. I will pass this on to Masts partner Tessa.

Belinda Smalls
13 days ago

Emma asks

Hey Belinda, have they had professional family photos lately? I know a number of photographers who would donate a session. X


Thank you so much for your message. I will pass this onto to Tessa 😊

Belinda Smalls

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