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Help me battle recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4

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Help me access non funded Chemotherapy drugs to extend quality of life.

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Hi. My name is Brett Hunter. I'm 43 years old and the father of 4 beautiful daughters aged 19, 16, 5 & 3. I also have the most amazing wife Jo of nearly 9 years.

In November 2017 I went to the hospital with severe headache's. I was quickliy diagnosed with a GBM 4 brain tumor. Average survival rate of 12-18 months. I then went through urgent surgery to remove what they could and then start 6 weeks radiation and 6 months of chemo.

Unfortunately at the beginning of December 2018 a new tumour had grown in a spot deep down in my brain and has now started to limit my mobility on my right side. We are about to undergo more surgery and then radiation and chemo.

The reason for this page is to raise money to access Avastin which is not funded by Pharmac but has some strong evidence behind it in extending quality of life when dealing with recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4.

Use of funds

The funds raised will firstly go to covering the cost of Avastin. If there is any surplus this will then go to my wife to assist our children with day to day needs if I'm no longer around.

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Final update  13 January 2020

Posted by: Brett Hunter

Given that this page is due to close in a weeks time I just wanted to thank everyone that has contributed towards this. I have been fortunate so far in that all 3 tumors have been operable to date and we have been able to hold off starting the Avastin so far. We were originally told the last tumor was inoperable, however after further discussions they decided to give it a go and removed all physical signs of the tumor. It is comforting to know that we now still have that tool (Avastin) in the toolbox to use when needed.

I have had to give up working which was not a comfortable decision to make. Just before Christmas I completed a 3rd round of radiation and am now just waiting for another MRI so fingers crossed.

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Anna on 24 Dec 2019
Love and good wishes from the Humphries + Janssen family xxx
Andrea & Simon
Andrea & Simon on 27 Nov 2019
Kaz Byron
Kaz Byron on 08 Nov 2019
I understand your journey, live in hope
Pete on 21 Sep 2019
All the best
Megan on 28 Aug 2019
Best friend with Rach :)

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