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Help fund THISISGRAEME music production costs

Taupo, Waikato

Currently, it costs me money to make music and have it distributed online to platforms like Spotify, Youtube and others.

Making music is currently a hobby for me so I don't mind. However, you need to know that unless you're already a really big name artist, it's very hard to make any money through these big platforms.

Spotify, for example, pays artists something like USD$0.004 per stream. I've set up this Givealittle account for anyone who wants to help me cover my costs.

Usually, it costs me USD$ 29.95 per song to release it via CD Baby to Spotify, YouTube and the world.

Keep in mind that not more than a few years ago you would have spent a few dollars on a physical record, tape or CD if you liked it.

If you like one of my songs, either you could put it on repeat and stream 3000 times or simply pay me $10.

So... If you would like to sponsor a track or contribute to covering my costs you can do so via this link.

Use of funds

Funds raised here will contribute towards the costs of mastering and uploading music to online music platforms for distribution.

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