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Help me fight this cancer for good!!

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My # 1 goal is to destroy this cancer for once and for all 💪 (See my latest update) I need all the help I can get xxx

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Hi there everyone, my name is Jacqui, just call me Jaxx :)

I am a married mommy, hubby and I have been blessed with 2 of the most amazing boys you will ever meet, Luca is 13 and Matteo is 8 and ¾.

Here is a crash course on my life and what has brought me to this point…

We are South African, we immigrated to New Zealand in 2016. We are still relatively new here, but we are completely in love with this country and never want to leave. We had started with our residency application when in Jan 2018 I got the news no-one ever expects to receive  I had breast cancer (more on those details later). Not only was my life now hanging in the balance, my boys’ future was also threatened. The following months were filled with surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and battles with immigration. By the end of treatment in Nov 2018 immigration refused us any further visa’s never mind residency and we were told we had till 31st Dec 2018 to leave the country. As if beating cancer wasn’t enough stress!!

To cut a long story short – by the Grace of God, everyone’s prayers and our amazing immigration advisors – at literally the 11th hour – immigration changed their mind and here we are fighting for residency round 2 👍🙏👍

Those were harrowing times, but my worst fear of all is this disease coming back!! All I think about these days is that I have so much living to do (I’m in the prime of my life for goodness sake), most of all – I just cannot leave my boys. I refuse. Besides… I have been promised an actual castle and unlimited babysitting opportunities when the boys are older and famous soccer stars. There’s no way I am passing up on any of that!!

My # 1 goal is making sure this thing never comes back.

Here are the specifics:

I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), it is unfortunately the most aggressive and has the worst prognosis out of the breast cancers. The 1st 2 years after treatment are the highest risk period for it returning, and if it does turn up again it is considered terminal. I am now 1-year post-treatment so the next few months are a critical time for me to do everything I can. After all – prevention is better than cure right!!

Post conventional-treatment one is left to their own devices, with TNBC there is no further treatment, it’s a waiting game to see what happens, and that is not like me.

My plan of action is to get the best alternative treatments that will build my body and mind back up from the inside out. That way – it can fight anything – exactly as it is meant to.

After much research on evidence-based integrative, holistic, alternative treatments, I have decided on the Hope4Cancer clinic. I have had a consultation with them, their treatment entails 2 weeks of intensive treatment at their facility, treatments to take home (3-month supply) and 2 follow up visits.

Here is the breakdown of costs involved:

Use of funds

Breakdown of costs involved:

1.Treatment at clinic = USD 35000

2.Scans & Meds = USD 5000

3.Accommodation & meals = NZD 4000

4.Flights = NZD 2000

5.Lost income = NZD 7000

6.Help with childcare = NZD 2000

7.Follow up appt flights & accommodation = NZD 6500

Latest update

Going with the flow...  17 August 2020

Posted by: Jacqui Devezas

Hiya all you amazing people ❤

As you will see - I am moving out the closing date.

For now, it seems I will just have to go with the flow - in terms of when I can leave for treatment but also treatment decisions.

The past month has been very difficult, with me ending up in hospital, and as a result - I have had to start chemotherapy. Although this is not what I wanted, I am looking at chemotherapy as another tool to help me get to my end goal. If this is what I need to do while I wait to be able to go overseas for treatment - then so be it 💪.

Thank you to each and every one of you for all you have done ❤

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 28 Aug 2020
The purpose of a seed is to grow. When you plant a seed, you believe in a harvest, you believe in rain, you believe in a better season to come. Planting this with all the faith in my heart. Holy Spirit is always with you!
Quality Assurance Team - Ryman Healthcare
Quality Assurance Team - Ryman Healthcare on 19 Aug 2020
Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way. We're sure you’ll feel better soon, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you once you’re done with treatments! Stay strong, you're in our thoughts. X Elodie, Katheryne, Janice, Nikola, Charlotte, Allison, Gayani, Leshani, Michael, David.
michaela on 17 Aug 2020
Always thinking of you x
Joe (Adriano Boss)
Joe (Adriano Boss) on 04 Aug 2020
From Joe (Adriano’ Boss)
Fleur on 15 Jul 2020
Sending you love and positive vibes xx Shaun, Fleur, Cooper and Tayla

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