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Help me help myself to live

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Needing medical equipment to live a life more ordinary...

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So I've been pushed to try give alittle, after a bit of thought here goes...

Most people know I live with many illnesses, epilepsy, fibro, asthma, arthritis, autoimmune deficiency, but, I have still tried to stay positive through out, got a few battles to fight but have kicked it right back in the most positive of ways so it is a blow to say here we are again. this should be where my story starts and ends, unfortunately it doesnt, some months back I ended up with a tumor on my kneck, this has caused thyriod disease, and the most excruciating pain, I can no longer walk far, it's not a good day/bad day anymore it's a constant pain, and this is where my story starts to get harder, I cant drive, so I need a mobility scooter, my goal is to get one that especially designed that I wont fall off, and increadably safe, but, with medical Bill's piling up, I need your help, so

Dig deep if you can. Empty the swear jar. Take up a collection at work. Redirect your monthly takeaway coffee/dinner/beer/wine budgets to this fund instead. I would really appreciate it.

Use of funds

To buy medical equipment, any surplus will be used for medical bills

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Thankyou!  8 December 2018

Posted by: Renee Higgs

Wow 259 so far that's amazing! Thankyou so so much! I really appreciate it, someone asked me is it really as hard as I say? My answer, as much as I'd like to say no, is yes, the illness has taken my strength, my muscles are weak and in pain, it is that daily struggle to get to where I'm going, if it rains I have no where to sit, if it's hot, where I have to do daily tasks give me asthma so i must walk further to take another route, it is that hard, i dont let those things stop me of course, but it's a struggle i dont think i should have to face, that's why this is so important to me, i have two choices to give up or put up, i decided to take a third instead and that is fight, with your help i can beat this! So thankyou for all the support remember just one dollar can actually change things....

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This page was created on 4 Dec 2018 and closed on 19 Dec 2018.
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Created over a year ago

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