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Meila's unwavering spirit fuels her fight for a cure. Support her groundbreaking treatment and advance research to help others in need!

Queenstown, Otago

● Meila, the brave 12-year-old battling Osteosarcoma since June, has been sent home on palliative treatment in NZ as the have run out of options for a Cure.

● Hayden and Kristin, committed parents, have covered costs, aiming to shoulder the burden themselves. Now, a critical opportunity emerges for Meila to undergo a life-saving trial in Australia, with the first round estimated at nearly 100k. The financial strain is significant, prompting a heartfelt call for support.

● As Meila's journey unfolds with resilience and unwavering strength, your contribution, whether through donations or spreading the word, becomes a lifeline.

● Join us in ensuring Meila receives the vital care she needs, turning this challenging chapter into one of hope and triumph. Thank you for being a pivotal part of Meila's support network.

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We are friends from all over NZ, coming together to kick cancer's butt and stand strong for Meila, sending a powerful message of resilience, hope, and unwavering support!

Use of funds

Updated on 2/06: Costs involved in phase 1 CAR-T cell therapy trial in America (trial, flights, accommodation, etc)

Your financial contribution supports Meila's groundbreaking treatment in Sydney, covering costs for her treatment and any surplus funds will be dedicated to both her ongoing treatment and advancing vital research to benefit others facing similar challenges

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Start of the Clinical trial journey   7 July 2024

Posted by: Kristin Davis

Hopefully this is the treatment that puts an end to this cruel cancer battle

We have arrived in America- why does travel always have to be stressful? I thought it was mainly with little children lol but our flight from Queenstown to Auckland was delayed which meant I had to sprint from domestic terminal to our international gate with meila in a wheelchair and carry on luggage. We made it- I was a sweaty mess but we got on board 15 mins before take off

We then arrived in San Francisco with an additional 5 hour flight to North Carolina.. nothing runs smoothly- flight delayed and no inflight entertainment as something was wrong with the tvs on board. But hey... we got to where we needed to be.. we have a day of catching up on sleep and a list of food places Meila wants to try (wing stop, Chipotle, crumble cookie, in and out burger - the list goes on)

We meet the lead oncologist for the trial Monday US Time and then Meila has her cell procurement Tuesday then we head back home to NZ Wednesday to wait for the CAR-T to be made ... approx 6 weeks time we will be back in North Carolina for 5/6 weeks to have the treatment... I will keep everyone posted and updated... we are so grateful for all the help to get here 🙏

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