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Help my sister and her family buy more time, health, happiness and raise her babies!

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Get my sister and her family some help to care for their beautiful babies and her husband to continue to work to keep them afloat.

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Jaz is a bubbly, vivacious, generous and caring human. She’s the life of the party and the one who always makes the effort to keep in touch and see how everyone is going.

Roughly two months ago whilst the rest of us Netflixed and hid from Covid; she was delivering darling Teddy in the hospital alone; without her amazing hubby Joe who had to stay home caring for their beautiful firecracker of a kiddo Kit. After a rather traumatic entry to the world resulting in an emergency C-Section, Jaz’s headaches began.

The GP sent her for an MRI to see if something had occurred- maybe the epidural. On her own, with 8 week old baby Ted by her side, Jaz was told- “you cannot drive, but you have to go straight to the neuro-surgery unit of the hospital.” She bundled her baby up and caught a cab with many scary thoughts running through her head. She arrived at the next hospital only to be told she had a giant tumour on her brain. That’s when she started calling us. One call after the next to let us know what was going on. Collectively our hearts were confused and broken. I can’t imagine her internal terror as she repeated the words to each of us in those calls. Joe and daughter Kit would visit her first thing the following day and she was to be admitted for brain surgery. Jaz has now had two major surgeries in two months, her body has had an absolute battering. She should be ecstatically enjoying motherhood with her beautiful baby, instead she is facing all of this in isolation.

Jaz's surgery went as well as can be expected, she is doing super in recovery and we are incredibly proud of her! Her positivity throughout this has shone through.

Last week we all received tragic news: that it is a primary and cancerous condition - it is aggressive and it is terminal. Jaz has a Glioblastoma multiforme tumour (GBM) WHO grade 4 -

Jaz and Joe have always been good humans, worked hard, given and helped out where they can and just tried to do the right thing by all. They will feel mixed emotions about accepting help from others knowing there are many other important causes out there; BUT, they really need it. They are in NZ alone without any family support and bloody COVID is making it impossible for us to get over and do anything practical to support them. Reducing stress is one of the key strategies all of her medical and holistic experts have demanded. This is a time for everyone to dig deep and donate. Any amount will be received with gratitude- we thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

Our family thanks you for considering our story and this fight for Jaz's life. Whilst the diagnosis is grim; she is in good spirits and will be grateful for every extra minute she can buy with her family to enjoy the little things in life, watch her babies grow and bring her light and positive energy to their lives!

Jamie Barker's involvement (page creator)

I am advocating and supporting my sister Jaz, her husband Joe, and their beautiful children Kit and Ted; to have the best chance at survival and trying to take some stress out of their situation through this fundraiser.

Use of funds

*The primary use of funds will be to employ a full time live in nanny/carer for Jaz and Ted.

*Help with household cleaning and meal preparation

*Contribute to medical bills- at this stage we are unsure what will be covered by the health system etc.

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STUFF Interview   28 July 2020

Posted by: Jamie Barker

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Barker Family
Barker Family on 24 Sep 2020
Jasmine we are sending all our love and support to you, hubby and your babies and believing that you will get your miracle and you will beat this. Determination and positivity is the natural medicine to help you through this and you have always had it in loads beaming sunshine wherever you went. We know that if anyone can do it you can. Keep shining! Love from Brett, Hana, Hoani, Court Zak, Indi and Pelly Barker xxx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Sep 2020
Samantha on 08 Sep 2020
Sending you lots of love, strength and healing my beautiful niece ❤️ sending you the biggest squeezy hug from Joey and I xx
Corey on 06 Sep 2020
Our thoughts are with you and send my love to your sister. 🙏
Hunter on 02 Sep 2020
Kia kaha guys.

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