Help needed for Talor and Aidee after flood

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Aidee and Talor want everyone who has donated to know that they are overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much for your support!


Talor and Aidee and their family have been greatly affected by the storm in Auckland on 31st August.

Here is Talor's account of what happened:

"I was awake upstairs renovating our kitchen at the time and my little girl and mother were asleep in our whare (sleepout) outside. I happened to stop and look outside and noticed the water flowing over the lawn where the sleepout was. We ran downstairs to wake up my mother and child to get them out. By that point the water had risen to knee height, flowing pretty fast. We got them upstairs where me and Aidee continued to try and save some of our gear in the ground level of the house. Within 10 minutes of this we were blown out the front door, where fully grown trees and raging waters had taken out the side of the house and the sleepout with it. 10 minutes later we would have lost my mother and little one with it. I managed to pull Aidee through to a small corner of the house which was somewhat protected. We saw all our vehicles being washed down with the waters. We had no idea if our house was going to get swept away and couldn't escape because we were trapped on both sides of the house with raging waters. We have no cellphone reception down at our property and our internet had been taken out. We managed to send an SOS text to Aidee's mum. She managed to call the fire department to assist but after an hour or so got a message saying they were struggling to get to us at that time. Our point of exit downstairs was blocked. I just happened to have a ladder upstairs that I rigged to get us all out (once the waters had subsided enough to get across safely). Pretty gutted and traumatic experience and losing all our things in the process.

Main thing is we are all safe. Fire department never made it in the end but we are safe and sound. Thankful for all the help and offerings"

Being in level 4 lockdown also means getting help from people for the clean up and replacing lost possessions etc is even more difficult than normal.

Luckily everyone is safe but they need help getting back on their feet as they had no contents insurance.

We know it's a hard time financially for everyone but if you can spare anything it would be so appreciated.

Aidee and Talor want everyone who has donated to know that they are overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much for your support!

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Talor and his wife are part of our film family

Use of funds

The money will be spent on immediate relief including temporary accommodation and items like clothes, bedding etc

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Latest update

Update from Aidee and Talor  31 December 2021

Kia ora tātou,

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to send you mucho gratitude for your support this year. We hope you are reading this from the beach or some relaxing location as it really has been a very crappy year. As well as the lockdowns and flood and loss of our work, there has been a lot of death on Talor's side of the family which has been very sad indeed.

Unfortunately and frustratingly, we have very little to update you all on the house. We still have no idea whether we are dealing with a total rebuild or whether we can save part of the house; worst case scenario would be we can't build at all. The council has been as MIA as you can get and the house remains red carded and inaccessible as our belongings rot in the garage, yet the fallen trees are growing beautiful leaves inside it - it's all very strange down there. The sleepout and trampoline still lie 50 metres from where they used to stand and we are eager to start clearing all the fallen trees. Although we know very little, the geotech engineers did indicate that we will have to re-divert the stream to where mother nature wants her to go. We think there is little chance the lake will be restored to how it was so we will just have to get creative when the time comes.

Thank you so much again for all your donations and kind words or acts of support. My sister and brother in law gifted us their car, many people lent a hand early on and cooked us food; friends Masako and Kate and Anna all helped with accomodation. We have moved three times since the flood and luckily our daughter is unbelievably resilient and has just gone along with the flow, always referring to our house as the 'broken house that we are gonna fix'. But a huge thanks to you all and I know a lot of you are keen to help when we do a working bee - but that may still be a while off - hopefully February/March.

If you are on Instagram, we will do more updates at @parekuradreamlands if you are at all interested in the (slow) progress.

Wishing you a much more straightforward (but still fun) 2022 and again we feel so lucky to have so many amazing friends, acquaintances and complete strangers who came to our rescue.


Aidee, Talor and Awa xx

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Wishing you all the best from a westie xzx
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Thinking of you guys
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Hang in there Adiee and Taylor. We love you guys!!!!!! DC, Nicky and Alfie xxxxx
Brenda on 15 Sep 2021

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